Trauma and Orthopaedics

A trauma patient is someone who has suffered any injury to bony or soft tissue. The injury could be simple, or serious and life-threatening. The patient could develop further complications, such as infection, shock or respiratory failure. Other complications could be related to both the structure involved and the severity of the injury.

Orthopaedics is the branch of medical science concerned with chronic disorders or deformities of the spine and joints. In our department surgery for the spine is not offered, but our consultants perform extensive surgeries for many other orthopaedic conditions.

The Trauma and Orthopaedic department offers 24-hour trauma services and general orthopaedic services, as well as sub-specialist services. Our team of consultant orthopaedic surgeons are supported by junior medical staff and clinical nurse practitioners, providing a wide range of services for most trauma and orthopaedic conditions.

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Upper limb service (shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand)
Mr Subodh Deshmukh
Mr Sailesh Parekh
Mr Kanthan Theivendran
Mr Talvinder Singh
Mr Srinadh Gella
Mr Saad El-Ashry

Hip service
Mr Manoj Sikand

Mr Alaa Moftah
Mr Divya Prakash
Mr Siten Roy
Mr Maysandra Vishwanath
Mr Vishal Paringe
Mr Sujit Agarwal
Mr Manoj Veethill (Locum)
Mr K Narayanasetty – (Locum)

Knee service
Mr Divya Prakash
Mr Shrikant Kulkarni
Mr Alaa Moftah
Mr Aashish Gulati
Mr Sujit Agarwal
Mr Atul Malik
Mr Siten Roy
Mr Maysandra Vishwanath
Mr Vishal Paringe
Mr Manoj Veethill (Locum)
Mr K Narayanasetty – (Locum)


Surgical treatment

We undertake a wide variety of surgical treatments at both City and Sandwell Hospitals, including joint replacement, keyhole surgery and other specialist services. Our upper limb surgery service takes place mostly within the Birmingham Treatment Centre, which is based at City Hospital, where most patients are admitted for day case surgery. Lower limb surgeries and facilities for patients requiring an overnight stay after surgery are at Sandwell Hospital.

Outpatient clinics
We hold outpatient clinics at City Hospital, Sandwell Hospital and the Lyng Centre.

Other services:

Keyhole surgery, joint replacement, open shoulder surgery and management of sports injuries.

Elbow, wrist and hand
Keyhole surgery, management of complex elbow, wrist and hand problems, management of tendon problems and nerve repair.

Joint replacement, including primary and revision surgery.

Joint replacement (including partial and total knee replacements), revision knee surgery, cartilage repairs, keyhole surgery, ligament reconstruction and management of sports injuries.

Foot and ankle
Surgical treatment of bunions, management of foot deformities, keyhole surgery, managements of sports injuries and other complex problems.

Please feel free to share your experiences of this service. Please email your views to

City Hospital Fracture Clinic
0121 507 4400

Sandwell Hospital Fracture Clinic
0121 507 3120

Contact Centre (for outpatient appointment changes)
0121 507 4151

Switchboard (City and Sandwell Hospitals)
0121 554 3801


Mr Subodh Deshmukh – 0121 507 5481
Mr Shivanand Geeranavar – 0121 507 3402
Mr Aashish Gulati –  0121 507 5482
Mr Shrikant Kulkarni
Mr Atul Malik –
Mr Alaa Moftah – 0121 507 3413
Mr Sailesh Parekh – 0121 507 5481
Mr Divya Prakash – 0121 507 3661
Mr Siten Roy – 0121 507 3121
Mr Manoj Sikand – 0121 507 4162
Mr Kanthan Theivendran – 0121 507 5482
Mr Boban Thomas – 0121 507 5399
Mr Abhay Tillu – 0121 507 4478
Mr Mayasandra Vishwanath – 0121 507 4162


Patch & Plan Lists

Many patients with hand and arm injuries that require surgery can be allowed home to wait for day case surgery. We call this ‘Patch & Plan’.

To be suitable for day surgery you need to be reasonably fit for your age and have an adult who can collect you from the hospital. You will need an adult at home with you overnight.

If you are told you will be contacted with a time to come in, please double check that the doctor or nurse has written your contact phone number(s) down correctly. Please keep your battery charged and your phone turned on. You are most likely to be contacted between 8am-4pm Monday to Friday. Calls from the hospital will appear as 0121 687 4071 or 0121 532 4297 on caller ID, but please note you cannot ring back on this number. We may also send a text to your mobile if we have difficulty contacting you. If we are unable to contact you by phone it may delay your surgery.

Patch & Plan operating lists are held in the Birmingham Treatment Centre at City Hospital. We aim to put you on the next available list. There are also hand trauma lists at Sandwell Hospital. Not all cases are suitable for these lists.

For a morning list: you will be asked to arrive at 07:30am (08:00 at Sandwell). You should have no food after 3am on the day of admission and may drink plain water until 6am.

For an afternoon list: you will be asked to arrive at 12:00am. You should have no food after 6am on the day of admission and may drink plain water until 11:00am

These lists are coordinated by Surgical Care Practitioners in Trauma and Orthopaedics. We may be contacted (Mon-Fri 8-4) via the hospital switchboard on 0121 554 3801.

Ask the switchboard to bleep us by name or bleep number:
Jenny Durston – Bleep 5326
Michelle Mills – Bleep 5111
Wendy Walters