Our New Hospital - Midland Metropolitan University Hospital

Nestled between Sandwell and West Birmingham, the Midland Metropolitan University Hospital is poised to become the centre of acute and emergency care at our Trust when it opens in 2024.

Midland Met is not just a hospital, it’s a coming together of expertise from every corner of our organisation, establishing a central hub for acute and emergency care that proudly serves our vibrant and diverse communities. Situated within a designated regeneration zone, this new hospital build represents not just progress in healthcare but opportunity to revitatilse the region.

It will provide emergency, maternity, children’s, and adult acute inpatient services for a population of half a million. Opening its doors in Smethwick, this facility will seamlessly bring together all acute and emergency care services currently situated across City Hospital and Sandwell Hospital.

Midland Metropolitan University Hospital
Midland Metropolitan University Hospital

Midland Metropolitan University Hospital marks a significant shift in our care delivery approach, focusing on those who are seriously unwell or in need of emergency attention.

It will mean all those clinical teams operating together from one modern purpose-built facility. Technological innovation takes centre stage, from state-of-the-art scanners used by our imaging teams to cutting-edge two way nurse call systems. Patients will soon be able to connect with a nurse at the touch of a button and speak directly to them, enhancing their experience without leaving their beds.

Privacy and dignity are paramount, with 50 per cent of our beds nestled in single rooms featuring ensuite shower rooms. Beyond comfort, this strategic design enhances our ability to tackle future infection outbreaks, aligning with the lessons learned from challenges like COVID-19.

You can take a closer look at our new hospital by watching this fly through video: https://youtu.be/hBk0rk6mu3Y

Benefits our new hospital will bring

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