Blood Tests

Blood tests (phlebotomy):

All blood tests are by appointment only and can be carried out at a number of locations (listed below).

Please note we have introduced a new online booking system for blood tests using the Airmid UK app.

To book using the app, patients must meet the following criteria:

  • Had a blood test previously.
  • Aged 16 and over.
  • Have been referred for a blood test by their GP.

Please note patients can only book an appointment at one of the centres listed below using the app:

  • Oldbury Health Centre, Oldbury, B69 4DE
  • Neptune Health Park, Tipton, DY4 8PX
  • Soho Health Centre, Handsworth, B21 9RY
  • Lyng Centre for Health, West Bromwich, B70 7AW
  • Rowley Regis Hospital, Rowley Regis, B65 8DA
  • Victoria Health Centre, Smethwick, B66 3PZ
  • Summerfield Primary Care Centre, Winson Green, B18 7AL
  • Tower Hill Medical Centre, Perry Barr, B42 1BT

Patients will be able to book, cancel and reschedule their blood test appointment via Airmid.

How do patients download the Airmid UK app?

The app is available via Appstore or Play Store.

For help with downloading the app and getting signed up, please visit:

For guidance on how to book a blood test using Airmid go to:

Please note: Patients who meet the following criteria will still need to telephone the blood test team on 0121 507 6104 (between 8am-4.30pm Monday to Friday) or email them at


  • They are a new patient
  • Wish to attend Sandwell or City Hospitals for a blood test.

Please include your name, date of birth, contact number, NHS Number and the date you require your blood test and we will respond to your email within 24 hours during working days.

Location of Centres

Neptune Health Centre
Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm (closed on bank holidays)
Neptune Health Park
Sedgley Road West

Lyng Health Centre
Monday – Friday, 7am – 5pm (closed on bank holidays)
Frank Fisher Way
West Bromwich
B70 7AW

Sandwell Hospital
Monday – Friday, – 5pm (closed on bank holidays)
West Bromwich
B71 4HJ

Oldbury Health Centre
Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm (closed on bank holidays)
Albert Street
B69 4DE

Birmingham Treatment Centre
Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm (closed on bank holidays)
City Hospital
Dudley Road
B18 7QH

Rowley Regis Hospital –
Monday – Friday, 8am–4.30pm (closed on bank holidays)
Moor Lane
Rowley Regis
B65 8DA

Victoria Health Centre
Monday-Friday,8am–4pm (closed on bank holidays)
5 Suffrage Street
B66 3PZ

Soho Health Centre
Monday-Friday,7.30am–4.30pm (closed on bank holidays)
247–251 Soho Road
B21 9RY

Tower Hill Medical Practice
Monday-Friday 8am – 4pm
433 Walsall Road
Perry Barr
B42 1BT

Summerfield Primary Care Centre
Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm
134 Heath Street
Winson Green
B18 7AL

Things to Know About Your Test

Request form

This is given to you when you see your GP or at an outpatient appointment at the hospital. It is essential that you bring this form with you to have your blood test. If you not given a blood request form, your GP/Consultant may have requested your bloods electronically which we will have received on our IC/Unite system, please consult with your GP/Consultant this has been done prior to booking your blood test appointment

Fasting and timed tests:

Some tests need to be taken at a special time of day (for example, certain drug tests), or when you are fasting. You should be advised of this when the blood request form is given to you. For fasting glucose and triglyceride tests you should have fasted for 10 hours no food or drink other than plain water.

Children’s blood test

If your child requires EMLA Cream please see your GP for a prescription and apply the cream one hour before their blood test appointment. Alternatively you can visit your local pharmacy where you can buy EMLA cream over the counter. Please be aware we do not supply or apply the EMLA cream in any of our clinics.


Test results are sent back to your doctor. Most tests are available within a working day and most come back electronically. Some tests can take longer, especially if they have to be sent to another laboratory. Your GP or doctor at the hospital can advise you on this.


Please be aware that in the instance that you are late for your blood test appointment you will need to rebook another appointment.

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