We have a number of processes in place to protect the safety of our patients and staff, including CCTV and a trained security team at City and Sandwell Hospitals 24 hours a day.

The Trust security department will ensure that all possible measures are taken to deliver a properly secure environment for patients, visitors and staff.

This includes safeguarding against a range of threats, including crime (theft, criminal damage, arson, assaults on staff etc), natural hazards (e.g. flooding), and national security threats.

The team is committed to dealing with these issues and ensuring high standards of professionalism within this work are key building blocks to ensure real and lasting improvements in the future.

All those who work so hard to deliver quality patient care and services have the right to do so without fear of violence.

Violent or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and we will press for all appropriate measures to be taken against individuals guilty of such acts where it is appropriate to do so.

Everyone working within the Trust has a responsibility to be aware of these issues and to assist in preventing security related incidents or losses. Reductions over time in losses or incidents through the consequences of violence, theft, damage or arson will lead to more resources being freed up for the delivery of better patient care and contribute to creating and maintaining an environment where staff, professionals and patients feel and secure.

The Trust has a dedicated security team that takes care of all the hospital sites and grounds, dealing with a range of issues from assisting nursing staff with patients, investigating suspicious activity in the grounds, and dealing with incidents of violence and aggression. As such our security teams are normally the first responders to any incident on the hospital sites.

Violence or aggression towards staff or other patients will not be tolerated in our hospitals.

The Trust will seek to remove and prosecute individuals who behave inappropriately towards staff.