Work Experience

Our Work Experience offer is closed

Thank you for your application, you will receive a response from us shortly. 

We will open again in early February 2024 for placement offers in June and July 2024.


Thank you for taking the time to look into our Work Experience  at Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust.

Many people consider the NHS as a clinical setting, with doctors and nurses and forget the “behind the scenes” people from the gardener to the Chief Executive who all play an important role towards the functioning of the hospital and the care given to the patients.

Work experience is vital for young people, and many get the opportunity to experience what it is like in a working environment.   This experience can help individuals decide on their future career path, and assist with:

  • Broadening awareness of the numerous careers available within the NHS
  • Developing an understanding of your chosen career
  • Gaining transferable skills, such as communicating with others, that you can use within a wide range of job roles
  • Experiencing how working roles within the NHS are often much more complex than those portrayed on television
  • Strengthening your college, university or job applications by allowing you to discuss your experiences on application forms and at interview

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