Call For Concern

Call for Concern is a service for inpatients and their families which allows them to ask for immediate help and advice if they feel concerned about their own or their loved one’s changing condition.

It is in response to Martha’s Rule, which you can read further information about here:

This service is particularly important when a patient’s condition is getting worse.

People can call if:

  • there are on-going concerns after speaking with the ward nurse or doctor
  • there is a sudden noticeable change in a patient’s condition that the healthcare team hasn’t recognised.

You can watch the video below to find out more about the service.

For more information ask the nurse on the ward for a leaflet.
Then call the numbers below:

  • For care at Sandwell Hospital call 07970993906
  • For care at City Hospital call 07811715041

If you don’t have a mobile phone you can ask the ward team to bleep for you. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Critical Care Outreach team runs the service and will respond quickly, assess the situation, and work with the medical team and other healthcare professionals as needed.

Remember Call for Concern is for urgent matters. Please don’t call with general issues related to things like the food, parking, or other non-medical matters, as these will be addressed by a member of the ward team or the matron.

You can read the leaflet about Call For Concern by clicking the link below:

Call For Concern Leaflet