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Breast Unit

The Breast Unit at City Hospital is located within a dedicated clinic in the Birmingham Treatment Centre. We work as a multi-disciplinary team comprising of general / breast surgeons, breast care nurses, radiologists, pathologists, oncologists and plastic surgeons.

Within the unit, we provide rapid access clinics for both routine and urgent assessment of all breast symptoms. Additional clinics include follow-up and results clinics and also family history clinics.

The Breast Unit also provides the breast screening service for north, east and west Birmingham.

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Consultant Surgeons

Miss Fiona Hoar – Secretary is Helen Sugrue, 0121 507 4593
Mr Mehboob Mirza – Secretary is Debbie Plant, 0121 507 5961
Mr Martin Sintler – Secretary is Helen Sugrue
Miss Mei-Ju Hwang – Secretary is Helen Sugrue
Mrs Geety Shetty – Secretary is Debbie Plant
Miss Melissa Ley Hui Tan – Secretary is Debbie Plant


Breast Care Nurses

Sue Frost – Lead
Geraldine Sheridan
Helen Taylor
Amanda Jones
Elaine Wiliams
Nazi Ahmadi-Doulabi


Rapid Access Clinics
Rapid access clinics are held three mornings per week (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) for the assessment of both urgent and routine breast conditions. Clinics are held jointly by consultant surgeons and radiologists to allow swift clinical and radiological assessment of breast conditions.

Family History Clinics
Family history clinics are held alternate Monday afternoons. Women are seen and assessed in this clinic if there is a family history of breast cancer that may potentially increase their risk of developing breast cancer in the future. The clinic is run by Dr Jenny Williamson (Associate Specialist – secretary Helen Sugrue – 0121 507 4593)

Breast Care Nurses
The breast care nurses provide counselling and support to patients with suspected breast cancer and those patients diagnosed with breast cancer. Specialist services provided include seroma drainage, prosthesis fitting, nipple tattooing for breast reconstruction patients and the organisation of patient support groups.

Breast Screening
We currently provide the breast screening services for west, north and east Birmingham populations. Breast screening is offered to all women between the ages of 50 and 70 years every three years. After the age of 70, a woman can request continued mammographic screening by contacting her local breast screening office. For information about breast screening, please click here.

Patient Stories

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Patient Information

Patient information leaflets
Advice following a core biopsy or fine needle aspiration (FNA)
Breast duct excision
What to expect when you are referred to the breast unit at the BTC 
Vacuum-Assisted Core biopsy
Vacuum-assisted excision (VAE) of breast lesion

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Mrs Luna Vishwanath – secretary Karen Whitehouse, tel – 0121 507 4338 fax – 0121 507 5755.
Mr Hamish Brown – secretary Helen Sugrue, tel – 0121 507 4593 fax – 0121 507 5755.
Miss Fiona Hoar – secretary Karen Whitehouse / Helen Sugrue, tel – 0121 507 4338, 0121 507 4593 fax – 0121 507 5755.

Breast Care Nurses – contact 0121 507 4976
Mrs Marcia Berry
Mrs Kath Harrow
Mrs Amanda Jones
Ms Geraldine Sheridan

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