You should have received a letter with an appointment date for your visit and details about where to go when you arrive at the hospital.

If you are uncertain about when to come in and where to go, contact the department by calling the number on your letter.

We aim to respect your privacy, dignity and religious and cultural beliefs at all times during your visit to hospital. Please call the number on the letter if you have any special needs, such as if you need an interpreter or signer and this was not booked at the time your appointment was originally scheduled. An interpreter can then be arranged to help you at your appointment.

What if I can’t attend my appointment?

If you cannot keep your appointment, or you need to change the time and date, please telephone the number on your appointment letter as soon as possible. This will allow us to rearrange your appointment and to give your original appointment to someone else.

What should I bring?

Please read your appointment letter very carefully as it may ask you to bring certain items with you, or ask you to visit another department for tests before your clinic appointment.

Please remember to bring:

  • Your appointment letter and any other information that we may have sent to you
  • Any medicines or inhalers that you are taking presently.
  • Any samples requested by your doctor or nurse.
  • Information about any change in your personal details, for example, if you have a new address or a new GP.
  • Proof of entitlement to free prescriptions.