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Urology is the medical term focusing on the urinary tracts of men and women, and on the reproductive system of men.

The Urology Department at both our City and Sandwell hospital sites provides a general urological service as well as sub-specialist tertiary referral care. Our team of six consultant urologists is supported by junior medical staff and clinical nurse practitioners providing a wide range of services for benign and malignant urological conditions. Outpatients as well as day care urology facilities can be found at Sandwell General Hospital and the Birmingham Treatment Centre. Short stay inpatient services for elective urology is available at Sandwell General Hospital. Outpatients services are also available at Rowley Regis Hospital. Inpatient services for elective and emergency urology are provided at City Hospital.

Mr Ryan and Mr Parkin also operate on certain Prostate and Bladder Cancers at University Hospital, Queen Elizabeth, Birmingham.

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Mr R Devarajan
Stone disease, endoscopic and laparoscopic urology and general urology

Mr J Parkin
General urology and oncology

Mr I Wharton
General urology, female urology and incontinence

Mr PG Ryan
General urology and oncology

Mr T Sami
General urology, oncology and stone disease

Mr U Otite
General urology, urinary incontinence, stone disease, paediatric urology

Specialist nurses
Cancer Urology: Denise Allmark, Sharon Leahy and Emma Hill.
Urodynamics, flow clinic and Emergency Department: Margaret Howells
Urology care practioners: Trish Duffy and Rose Pritchard
Incontinence: Sara Thompson



General Urology Services
Benign prostatic diseases: flow clinics and urodynamics.
Erectile and sexual dysfunction : nurse-led clinic.
Inguinoscrotal and penile conditions including circumcision and vasectomy service.

Cancer Urological Services
Haematuria clinics and Prostatic TRUS biopsies meeting with two-week referral criteria.
Radical pelvic urological surgery is currently investigated and followed up on site but operated at University Hospitals Birmingham in accordance with Network guidance.

Subspecialist Services
Comprehensive management of renal stone disease: stone clinic, lithotripsy, ureteroscopic laser stone treatment, percutaneous stone surgery.
Laparoscopic urology: nephrectomy, pyeloplasty, orchidectomy for undescended testis.
Paediatric urology: inguino-scrotal and circumcisions.
Male and female urinary incontinence: urodynamics, physiotherapy and continence services.
Green light laser surgery for benign prostatic obstruction.

Patient Stories

Patient Stories

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Patient Information

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Enhanced recovery
Trial without catheter
Urodynamic Investigation



Consultant Secretaries:
Mr P Ryan
0121 507 4636

Mr R Devarajan
0121 507 4375 / 0121 507 2933

Mr U Otite
0121 507 4414 / 0121 507 2932

Mr T Sami
0121 507 4342 / 0121 507 2933

Mr J Parkin
0121 507 3456

Mr I Wharton
0121 507 3282

Specialist Nurses:
Denise Allmark
0121 507 3381

Emma Hill
0121 507 5969

Sharon Leahy
0121 507 5969

Rosemary Pritchard
0121 507 6813

Margaret Howells
0121 507 5246

Sara Thompson
0121 507 2474

Trish Burke
0121 507 3298

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