Our Values

Our values are a reflection of what is best about us and what matters most to us, the people we care for and the wider community we serve. They support the delivery of our Patients, People, Population plan as well as the important programmes of work we are doing now and have planned for the future.

Our values are:

  • Ambition: We’re ambitious for our communities. We want to make a difference, improving life chances and health outcomes. We’re ambitious for our people. We want them to be happy here, to feel supported to achieve their own goals and ambitions. We’re ambitious for our Trust, open to new ideas, developing new technology and treatments to provide the best possible care. Working together, and alongside our partners to continually improve.
  • Respect: We are a place of inclusivity. We value, celebrate and draw strength from the diversity among us, and in our communities. This is what makes us special. Our people and our patients feel listened to. Everyone’s voice counts. We’re a place where people feel safe to speak up knowing their voices will be heard. Respect and dignity for everyone.
  • Compassion: We’re a welcoming, friendly Trust. We have care, kindness and compassion at our heart. For us, everyone matters. We’re a place where compassion is not just for our patients and their families, but a right for all of us. Our people are amazing, meeting challenges head on. They put patients first, day after day, to deliver the best care they can.

Our Behaviours

Values are meaningless without behaviours to drive them. Behaviours should be clearly demonstrated by everyone at all levels – from the newest to the most senior.

Ambition behaviours:

  1. We put our hands up when something goes wrong, seeking to learn and grow from mistakes, asking “why has this happened?” rather thank “who is to blame?”
  2. We work to be better and do better for ourselves, each other and our patients
  3. We work as a team with our people and our partners, supporting and lifting each other up
  4. We take pride in what we do, we recognise and celebrate success
  5. We are brave and willing to step outside our comfort zone to try new things and share new ideas

Respect behaviours:

  1. We treat everyone as an individual with respect and genuine interest, speaking to the person, not their role, band or condition
  2. We make sure everyone feels welcomed, valued and respected equally, with tolerance and without judgement
  3. We keep people informed and explain what is happening, with clear communication at each step of the way
  4. We actively listen, making sure everyone’s voice is heard and they feel safe and able to speak up
  5. We have respect for resources, other people’s and our own time and the environment

Compassion behaviours:

  1. We put our patients at our heart, caring for them with dignity at all times
  2. We have empathy, understanding everyone has different life experiences, skills and resilience
  3. We take time to do the small things that can make a big difference
  4. We won’t walk by when someone or something doesn’t seem right
  5. We are kind, open and approachable, saying a friendly good morning with a smile, and a thank you at the end of the day