Bereavement Service

Our Bereavement Care Service offers confidential support for anyone who has experienced the death of a close relative or friend at our Trust.

The death of an adult family member or friend may bring about distressing and sometimes unexpected emotions. Grieving can often start at the time of death, but for some people this starts at the time of a diagnosis. Grief is a normal process following a bereavement and can affect you in different ways – whether emotionally, physically, socially and in many practical areas of life.

Sue Edwards

Lead Bereavement Nurse.

Bereavement Survey

We recognise the importance of monitoring the quality of the care we give to our patients in the final phase of their life.  If your loved one has died at our Trust, and you feel ready to share your experience please click here to complete our bereavement survey.

Certificate Office (CAREs)

When someone dies in hospital, a medical certificate of the cause of death (MCCD) needs to be completed.
Please contact the certificate office team after 11am on the first working day after your relatives death to discuss what happens next.


If you wish to see your relative we have viewing facilities available at both of our acute hospital sites. The mortuary staff will be able to agree a time to view your relative and give you directions to the mortuary.

Viewings can be arranged from 9.30am-12pm and between 2pm-3.30pm, Monday to Friday.
Viewing your relative on a weekend is only possible under exceptional circumstances, you can arrange to view arrange a viewing by calling  0121 553 1831, you will be put through to a hospital manager.

Medical examiners

Their role is to review medical records and provide independent advice to doctors with regards to causes of deaths for all patients who die within acute hospitals – except those deaths which will be reviewed by a coroner. Medical examiners are also supported by officers. Either will contact the next of kin of the deceased patients to discuss the cause of death and answer any questions the bereaved families may have in regards to the care their loved one received.

Medical examiners seek to answer three questions:

  1. What caused the death of the deceased?
  2. Does the coroner need to be notified of the death?
  3. Was the care before death appropriate?

Patient Information

Below are links to information which will help you make important decisions during this sensitive time.

You can find details of other organisations that may be able to offer further guidance and support in our Bereavement Support Directory.


Bereavement Service
Telephone: 0121 507 3216, between 8am-4pm, Monday to Friday.

Certificate offices
Sandwell Hospital: 0121 507 3464, between  9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.
City Hospital: 0121 507 4368, between 8.30am-4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Sandwell Hospital: 0121 507 3280
City Hospital: 0121 507 4259

Medical Examiners
Email: or
Telephone: 0121 507 3473, between 8am-4pm, Monday to Friday.