Virtual Wards

Virtual Wards allow patients to get hospital-level care at home safely and in familiar surroundings, helping speed up their recovery while freeing up hospital beds for patients that need them most.

Just as in hospital, people on a virtual ward are cared for by a team of different healthcare professionals who can provide a range of tests and treatments. This could include blood tests or prescribing medication.

Patients are reviewed daily by the clinical team and their care is discussed at a daily online video meeting with a specialist doctor. Some patients may be asked to use technology like apps on a tablet, wearables and other medical devices to monitor their health; allowing clinical staff to easily check in and monitor their recovery.

Virtual Wards: Pamela and Zaf
Virtual Ward patient Pamela with Zaf, who works for the service.

Referrals into the Virtual Wards are by healthcare professionals only. 

The Trust has six Virtual Wards. They are:

It’s important for patients to know how the service can help.

Watch this short video which explains more about Virtual Wards: 

Zaf, a Trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioner who is a qualified Paramedic, is part of the Virtual Wards team. In this video, she takes us on a home visit to see Pamela, a Cardiology Virtual Ward patient. Find out how the Virtual Wards team cares for patients in the comfort of their own home.

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