The Dermatology department deals with treatment of the skin and its diseases, including skin cancer. We provide a wide range of specialist services, and are one of only few centres across the country to have a skin laser centre as well as a phototherapy unit, which uses light to treat some skin conditions.

We are based in the Birmingham Skin Centre situated on the third floor of the Sheldon Block at City Hospital. Facilities include clinic rooms, theatre and minor procedures area for day case surgery, treatment and diagnostic facilities.


Cutaneous Allergy Service

We provide a tertiary referral regional service for adult and paediatric patients with contact and occupational dermatitis. Clinics run weekly and are attended regularly by other consultant dermatologists, pharmacists, occupational health doctors and nurses and industry specialists. We regularly contribute to research in this subspecialty area, including collaborative work at a national level with the British Society for Cutaneous Allergy (BSCA).

Dermatological Surgery

The Birmingham Skin Centre performs procedures in two dedicated operating facilities, and additionally in other surgical facilities across the Trust including access to the main theatre for patients requiring a general anaesthetic. Most procedures are performed under local anaesthetic. These include simple procedures like biopsies (testing a tiny sample of skin for cancer) to major skin grafts carried out by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Currently our complex skin cases are managed by our in-house plastic surgery colleague attached to our dermatology unit.

Laser Unit

The Birmingham Regional Skin Laser Centre, is also based at the Birmingham Skin Centre, and has one of the widest selections of skin laser equipment. We treat all skin disorders where laser therapy is appropriate both privately and to NHS funded patients. Procedures include: hair removal, tattoo removal, vascular lesions (such as port-wine stains, facial thread veins and redness), pigmented marks and lesions, scar treatment, laser resurfacing for various indications. You will be treated by a dermatology consultant or a team of specialist NHS nurses. We regularly contribute to scientific meetings with an active research interest in this field.

Medical Infusions Suite, Birmingham Treatment Centre

Patients undergoing Biologics intravenously (through the vein) would receive their treatment at the Medical Infusion Suite, currently located in the ground floor of the Birmingham Treatment Centre, City Hospital.

Paediatric Dermatology

Clinics for children with skin disorders are held at the Birmingham Skin Centre.

Phototherapy Service

The Phototherapy Suite treats a number of different skin conditions using light as well as conventional therapies. Treatments are carried out by highly trained and experienced nurses. The Suite has both UVA and UVB machines and a hand and foot unit. We also have the facilities to offer bath PUVA. Patients are reviewed by medical staff throughout the treatment course.

Skin Cancer Service

The department offers weekly skin cancer screening clinics. Most types of skin cancer can be treated if found early enough. Patients are supported by a specialist skin cancer nurse.

Vulval Skin Clinic

We offer subspecialist expertise in vulval (the outer skin of the vagina) disorders.


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