Children’s (Paediatric) Physiotherapy

A team of 10 physiotherapists and helpers take care of children who are inpatients at Sandwell, City, and Rowley Regis Hospitals.

We want to make sure babies, children and teenagers, along with their families, get the help they need to feel better and stay active. The team support their patients’ health and growth by providing physiotherapy that’s easy to follow and helps them manage their health on their own.

What do we do?

When children stay in our hospitals, we’re there to check on them and give them physiotherapy if they need it. We help with breathing problems, injuries, neurological conditions and those affecting muscles and bones.

If your child needs physiotherapy but doesn’t have to stay in the hospital, they can come to our clinics. We see youngsters up to age 16 who have muscle or bone problems. To come to our clinic, your child’s doctor or another healthcare professional needs to refer them to us.

Our working hours are 8am-4pm. Sometimes we can see patients later, but the appointments are limited.

What happens next?
Once your child’s been referred to us, we’ll look at their referral and decide when they should come in. Then, we’ll send you a letter telling you when their appointment is or request you call us to book an appointment. If it’s not a good time for you, you can call us to reschedule. It’s important to respond to our letters within two weeks so we can give your child an appointment as soon as possible.

What to expect from your appointment
When you come in, we’ll talk about what’s bothering your child and give them a check-up. Make sure they wear clothes that make it easy for us to see the part of their body that needs attention. After that, we’ll give you advice, talk to other medical teams about your child if necessary and maybe provide exercises to do at home. The appointment usually lasts about 30 minutes.

After the appointment
Depending on how your child is doing, we might discharge them if everything’s okay, or we might schedule another appointment. Sometimes, we’ll keep an eye on things and decide later what to do. If needed, we can also put your child on a waiting list for casting or gym sessions.

Common things we see
For babies and younger children, we see development dysplasia of the hips, congenital foot conditions including talipes (CTEV), obstetrics brachial plexus palsy (OBPP) and torticollis.

For older children and teens, we see joint and muscle pain, injuries, walking assessments and conditions like hypermobility. We also help kids recover after surgery or serious injuries.

We provide a serial casting service for toe walkers and after botulin injection alongside motor management clinic.

We work as part of the healthcare professional teams within non-Cystic Fibrosis and bronchiectasis clinics and children’s motor management clinics.

We also run group Pilates and targeted exercise sessions as well as one-to-one gym sessions from City and Rowley Regis Hospitals.

Contact Us

Telephone: 0121 507 4486 (option 1)

Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.

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