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FINCH Service

What is the FINCH service?

It stands for Faecal INcontinence and Constipation Healthcare.

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The FINCH service is an award winning service that is for people who have functional bowel disorders. A functional bowel disorder is where the bowel does not work properly, resulting in one or more of the following problems:

  • Constipation
  • Difficulty emptying the bowel
  • Needing to rush to the toilet
  • Losing control of the bowel
  • Pain when having bowel opened
  • Symptoms following bowel surgery

The service is run by a team of specialist nurses who have vast experience and knowledge in assessing, diagnosing and treating such symptoms.

The service holds appointments in different centres both in hospital outpatients and community clinics.  The nursing team will determine which clinic by your home address.

You can access the service by simply asking your GP or practice nurse to refer you directly to the FINCH service at Sandwell Hospital.

When you have been seen by the nursing team they will discuss with you the options available and start you on a treatment pathway.  It is important that you follow the advice in order to obtain the best improvements.

The FINCH service also offer support groups which you may be able to attend.


You can contact the FINCH service directly on:

0121 507 2497 or the FINCH secretary on 0121 507 3677

Alternatively you can email on

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