The Cardiology Department treats patients with heart conditions. This maybe someone who has had a heart attack or is suffering from heart failure, or needs cardiac rehabilitation.

Cardiology inpatient services are based at City Hospital. Outpatients services, including cardiac CT, Echocardiography and other clinics are based at both Sandwell and City Hospitals.

Inpatient cardiology support at Sandwell takes place by means of daily ward rounds by consultants and registrars.


We offer a full range of specialist tests and treatments including:

• Echocardiography (using ultrasound to take pictures of the structure of the heart)
• Angiography (a test using dye to assess narrowing of the arteries)
• Angioplasty and stenting (a balloon procedure to improve blood supply to the heart)
• Device implantation (pacemakers, to regulate the beating of the heart)
• Cardioversion (electrical methods of re-establishing a regular heartbeat)

Patients who have suffered a heart attack will be treated at City Hospital where we have state-of-the art primary angioplasty facilities, which are available 24 hours a day.

There are two fully kitted gyms for patients who are undergoing cardiac rehabilitation treatment. They are based at Sheldon Block, City Hospital and Sandwell Hospital, outpatients area.

The Cardiac rehabilitation gym at City Hospital.
The Cardiac rehabilitation gym at City Hospital.


We hold clinics at several locations. Your GP will be able to choose and book the most convenient for you. These are:

  • Birmingham Treatment Centre
  • City Hospital
  • Sandwell General Hospital


Cardiology Department (Investigations)

  • City Hospital
    Telephone: 0121 507 6295
  • Sandwell Hospital
    Telephone: 0121 507 3512

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