Current events:

  • Have you suffered a stroke or cared for someone who has? We want to hear from you. Join us on Thursday, 23 November at the YMCA West Bromwich, to have your say and hear about the improvements we have made so far. Call 0121 507 2671 or email to book a place.
  • Youth Space – We hold regular Youth Space meetings every last Tuesday of the month for young people aged 13-21 years. The meetings take place from 6.30pm to 8pm at Sandwell Hospital’s Education Centre, Hallam Street, West Bromwich B71 4HJ. Food and drinks are provided from 5.45pm. Each session has a focused theme. If you are interested in health and want to know more about our hospitals and community services, come along to the meetings. To register email: or call 0121 507 2671.

Previous events:

  • A Bereavement Workshop was held at Brasshouse Community Centre. Friends and family members of loved ones lost under the care of our Trust told us about their experiences with our bereavement services and what they thought needed improving.
  • A Food and Nutrition in hospital settings session was held at Sandwell Hospital, with discussions around what improvements could be made.
  • A Focus on Frailty event took place at Yemeni Community Association in Sandwell. The current and new frailty pathways for the Midland Metropolitan University Hospital were discussed and vital feedback was gathered from staff, patients, carers and community organisations.
  • A Carers Workshop took place Brasshouse Community Centre. Carers shared their experiences and talked about how we could work together to improve the services we provide, as well as how the Trust could support them in the process.

Rev up your excitement as we’re coming to a neighbourhood near you!

We’ve transformed a disused patient transport van into a rolling billboard for the new Midland Metropolitan University Hospital and have been driving into our local communities to let them know what’s happening.

We are talking about the new hospital, what services will remain at Sandwell and City Hospitals and what will transfer to Midland Met.

We want our communities to know that Midland Met is more than a hospital, so come and talk to us at one of the engagement sessions. We’ll also be happy to listen to your comments, feedback and address concerns.

We’re now heading to venues with a family focus. Check out the dates and locations below: 

  • City Hospital on Thursday 8 February from 10am – 3pm
  • Rowley Regis Hospital on Thursday 15 February from 10am – 3pm
  • Leasowes Intermediate Care Centre on Wednesday 21 February from 10am – 3pm
  • Heath Street & Summerfield UC on Tuesday 27 February from 10am – 3pm (Timing at each tbc)
  • Lyng Centre on Friday 1 March from 10am – 3pm
  • Aston Pride Community Health Centre on Friday 8 March from 10am – 3pm
  • Tower Hill Partnership Medical Practice, 433 Walsall Road, Perry Barr, Birmingham, B42 1BT, 10am – 3pm, Friday 15 March

Summary of feedback

We’ve been busy having conversations with our communities about the Midland Met hospital opening next year and about what services will be moving from and staying at our City and Sandwell hospitals. The overall feedback received highlights the need to continue communicating and engaging with our communities, especially in West Birmingham. Generally, most people we’ve spoken to, were pleased to hear the new hospital will be opening soon and the benefits it will bring to improve local health outcomes.

  • Awareness and Information: Many individuals at the different locations, especially in West Birmingham, were unaware of the new hospital, highlighting a need for increased community outreach and awareness campaigns. Some respondents were positive and interested in learning about MMUH.
  • Accessibility: Several questions and concerns revolved around access to the hospital, including parking availability, public transport options, and safety, especially regarding foot access over a dual carriageway. The perceived distance to the new hospital was also a concern for some residents.
  • Service Continuity: Questions were raised about whether services would continue at existing hospitals (City and Sandwell) and whether patients would be transferred to other facilities, impacting the continuity of care. People were reassured that the Midland Met is an acute hospital for accident and emergency and inpatient services, and that both City and Sandwell hospitals would have urgent treatment services for minor injuries and illnesses, as well as continued outpatient services.
  • Community Engagement: There was interest in involving local communities, grassroots organisations, and volunteers in the hospital’s activities and services, indicating a desire for community engagement.
  • Language and Translation: Feedback from Birchfield and Aston Libraries highlighted the need for translated materials, recognising that many residents in the area do not speak English as their first language. This suggests a requirement for multilingual and simplified information.
  • Mental Health Services: People inquired about the provision of mental health services at Midland Met, showing concerns and interests in this aspect of healthcare.
  • Job Opportunities and Volunteering: Questions and expressions of interest were raised regarding volunteering opportunities, job prospects, and roles at the new hospital.
  • Faith and Cultural Considerations: The importance of recognising people’s faiths and choices was highlighted, emphasising the need to ensure communities and faith-based groups are informed of the Midland Met to pass on information to their congregations.
  • Hospital Amenities: Questions were raised about the availability of specific amenities within the hospital, such as escalators and payment options in the car park.
  • Local Transportation: Concerns were voiced about the frequency and accessibility of bus routes to Midland Met affecting those who rely on public transport, as well as traffic around the area.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: The possibility of partnerships with organisations like the Citizens Advice Bureau was mentioned, potentially working together to support patients and raise awareness.
  • Feedback on Other Hospitals: Some individuals indicated that they would continue to use other hospitals like Russells Hall and New Cross hospitals due to location or transportation options.

To ensure we have the right services in the correct place ahead of the opening of Midland Metropolitan University Hospital next year, we are proposing to make changes to the way we deliver some of the care across the Trust.

We are continuing our focus on stroke and have produced a document that outlines the proposed changes we wish to discuss with stroke survivors, their carers and loved ones and other interested parties across Sandwell and West Birmingham.

From next year, we are proposing three different ways in which we care for these patients which are detailed in the report accessed via this link: Stroke Service Publication leaflet.

Please take the time to read the document and complete the short questionnaire attached, which you can return FREEPOST. Your views are extremely important to us, and we thank you for taking the time to assist us in ensuring that we deliver high quality, safe care to our patients. Any queries please contact the Engagement Team on or by calling them on 0121 5072671. The closing date is 20 January 2024.