Board Meeting Dates

Trust Board

Most of the Trust Board (public) Meetings for Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust have returned to in person, from March 2024.

Members of the public, patients and staff are invited to attend public meetings of the Board but must be aware that although the meeting is being held in public, it is not a public meeting.

Questions from members of the public and staff

Members of the public, staff, or media are invited to ask questions at the meeting during the ‘Questions from the public’ item on the agenda. Any questions or comments from the public should, however, be in relation to an item on the agenda for that meeting.

Members of the public who ask questions may be asked to identify themselves and to declare any formal affiliations.

Questions for the Board can be submitted in advance as usual to Please write “Public Trust Board Question” in the subject field.

Board Meeting Details

Trust Board (Public)8th May 202410am – 1pm
Trust Board (Public)10th July 202410am – 1pm
Trust Board (Public)11th September 202410am – 1pm
Trust Board (Public)13th November 202410am – 1pm
Trust Board (Public)8th January 202510am – 1pm
Trust Board (Public)12th March 202510am – 1pm