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ISHUS (Integrated Sexual Health Unit Sandwell)

Our sexual health and contraception services offers free and confidential emergency contraception, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections and information about sexual health. The services are based at the following locations in Sandwell and are open to people of all ages from all areas:

  • Dartmouth Clinic, Sandwell General Hospital, Hallam Street, West Bromwich
  • Lyng Centre for Health and Social Care, Frank Fisher Way, West BromwichISHUS logo
  • Rowley Regis Hospital, Moor Lane, Rowley Regis (Thursdays only)
  • Victoria Health Centre, Suffrage Street, Smethwick (Wednesdays only)


For more information about disabled access for this service, please click here.




Dr Tapas Ray, Consultant in GU Medicine and HIV

Dr Muralidhar Sivaram, Consultant in GU Medicine and HIV

Dr Susan Whalen, Consultant in Contraception

Specialist/senior nursing staff

Sr Alexandra Louise Bradshaw, Manager

Sr Florence Hussain, Lead Nurse for GU

Sr Talibah Sterling, Lead Nurse for Contraception

Sr Jayne Saunders, Lead Nurse for HIV

HIV dietician

Stephanie Rayson

Lead pharmacist for HIV and genitourinary medicine

Amardeep Singh

 Our team consists of male and female members of staff, so if you wish to see a team member of a specific gender, we will try our up most to accommodate you. However, you may have to rebook. Our specialist team are also supported by a number of staff nurses, healthcare assistants and reception and admin staff.



ISHUS offer:

Sexual health and contraception information and advice

  • The emergency contraceptive pill (morning after pill)
  • Various forms of contraception including condoms, contraceptive pill, coils, implants, patches
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Testing for the following sexually transmitted infections: gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, HIV/AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis A, B & C (for those at increased risk), genital herpes (if you have symptoms), review of genital warts (if you have symptoms), thrush, bacterial infections, trichomonas and non-specific urethritis
  • Assessment and treatment of skin problems in the genital area
  • Natural family planning
  • Cervical smear tests

As well as appointments for new patients, we offer Drop In sessions. These are drop in and wait services and there can be a wait of up to 2 hours before being seen by a clinician.

Drop In time are as follows:

Mondays: 1 – 3pm at both the Lyng and at Dartmouth Clinic and 5 – 7pm at the Lyng

Tuesdays: 9 – 11am at the Lyng and 1 – 3pm at both the Lyng and at Dartmouth Clinic

Wednesdays: 9 – 11am at the Lyng, 1 – 3pm at Dartmouth Clinic and 5 – 7pm at Victoria Health Centre

Thursdays: 1 – 3pm at both the Lyng and at Dartmouth Clinic, 5 – 7pm at both the Lyng and Rowley Regis Hospital

Fridays: 1 – 3pm and 5 – 7pm at the Lyng

Saturdays: 9 – 11am at the Lyng

Patient Stories

Please feel free to share your experiences of this service. Please email your views to

Patient Information

Patient information leaflets
Tests for sexually transmitted infections
The Dartmouth Clinic

Useful websites
You can get more information about sexually transmitted infections and contraception from:

NHS Choices

Family Planning Association (FPA)
FPA sexual health helpline: 0845 122 8690
Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm (closed bank holidays and 3pm – 4pm on Thursdays) 

There are also information leaflets about sexually transmitted infections and methods of contraception available in the waiting area of the clinics, so please help yourself.



For appointments and any further information call ISHUS on 0121 507 3094.

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