Fair Processing

Our hospital is involved in a National Project to help improve care of patients at the end of their lives.

Inline with advice from NHS England Friends and Family Test;
Where the [FFT process] requires the use of personal data, providers should ensure that [patients] are informed about uses and disclosure through fair processing notices.

If [patients] are to be contacted either by employees of a provider, or a contractor acting on its behalf to complete the [FFT], the provider must take reasonable steps to ensure that this is understood by [patients] beforehand, and that they have the opportunity to decline permission for this to happen. Again, this can be achieved by the provision of fair processing information.

Data will be collected from families and others via a web-based survey form. A link to this form is provided to the bereaved person in a letter sent by the Trust. The link is unique and can only be used once. The person’s contact details are not shared with the Network. The data input by the bereaved person is saved in the Network’s SQL database and data security applies. Data transferred to the NHS Benchmarking Network is anonymised, and data included in outputs will be anonymised and further aggregated.

We will be collecting information about all patients admitted to this hospital and died during that admission and the care they received during April 2019 and May 2019, excluding sudden deaths. Including sending a Quality Survey to the bereaved family, which will need to be completed online.

For more information about participation or how to opt-out of the audit, please ask a member of the hospital bereavement team.

For further information please visit the below websites;

To opt-out you can also email the Clinical Audit Department directly at SWBH NHS Trust; swbh.AuditTeam-ClinEffec@nhs.net.