Patient Safety Partner

We are committed to offering safe services and need your help.

The Patient Safety Partner (PSP) is a new and evolving role developed by NHS England to help improve patient safety across healthcare in the UK. This is part of the new Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF).

Here at the Trust, we are looking forward to welcoming PSPs to work alongside our people (staff), patients, and population to influence and improve safety across our services. PSPs can be patients, carers, family members or other lay people (including NHS and Social Care staff from another organisation).

This is a great opportunity to share your interests, experiences, and skills to help develop the new PSP role and be a part of our team.

Could you become a Patient Safety Partner?

As a PSP you will be able to act as a ‘knowledge broker’, with insight as a user of services across different parts of the NHS. Or you may have experience of avoidable harm and can therefore help inform the development of safety solutions that cross organisational boundaries.

You will provide a different perspective on patient safety, one that is not influenced by organisational bias or historical systems, providing insight from a different perspective on patient safety.


What is the role of a Patient Safety Partner?

  • Promoting openness and transparency
  • Supporting us to consider how processes appear and feel to patients.
  • Helping us know what is important to our patients.
  • Helping us identify risk by hearing what feels unsafe to patients.
  • Supporting the prioritisation of risks that need to be addressed and subsequent improvement programmes.
  • Supporting us in developing an action plan following investigations, particularly so that actions address the needs of patients.
  • Helping us produce related patient information that patients understand and can access.

What kind of work will I be involved in?

In this role you will initially be a member of the PSIRF delivery implementation group, to inform how PSPs might contribute to patient safety at Sandwell and West Birmingham.  Some examples of the responsibilities and tasks PSPs will have are below:

  • Initially you will be a member of the implementation delivery group (meeting monthly).
  • You will be involved on informing related Policy, guidance and literature including patient information.
  • You will have an opportunity to engage with our staff to support PSIRF awareness and education sessions.
  • As we evolve, we may ask you to participate in the investigation of patient safety events, assist in the implementation of patient safety improvement projects and develop patient safety resources.
  • working with committees to consider how to improve safety.

Due to the Trust’s commitment to safety and continuous improvement this role will evolve over time.  This specific role will enable you to be a key part in how the role develops and any changes to your role will be made in consultation and agreement with you.

What support will I have?

We will support you in your role and ensure you are provided with the tools and advice you need.

You will be managed by, and work alongside the Head of Patient Safety for the Trust. They will be able to explain the expectations of the role and provide support required.

You will have regular scheduled reviews with your manager and regular one-to-one sessions with the Head of Patient Safety.

As we collaborate closely with our Patient Insight and Involvement Lead you will have their support and peer support of others in similar roles: as peer support.

What training will I need?

You will be provided with Trust induction training which you will have to complete in order to carry out this role.  On completion of this you will receive a local induction and provided with ongoing additional training relevant to the role.

There is an opportunity to attend related conferences, webinars, and complete online training.

How long will I be in the role for and what is the time commitment?

Patient Safety Partners will be required to demonstrate the Trust values and abide by Trust Policies including for example, Confidentiality, Equality, Safeguarding, Infection Prevention and Control and Health and Safety. The Trust values and policy details are included in the Trust induction training.

Whilst you are not under any contractual agreement within this role, we are looking for someone who can commit to two years in this role with a time commitment of a minimum of four hours per month and up to 8 hours plus time to prepare for meetings / events.

As a PSP you will be asked to sign an agreement on completion of your Trust induction training to confirm you understand the role and that you understand and will abide by the Trust policies and values. Once training is completed and the agreement is signed you will be able to commence in your role.

NHS Checks: this role requires you to complete mandatory NHS checks which includes, a standard disclosure and barring service, (DBS) check which we will provide for you free of charge, a right to work and verification of identity check, reference checks and an occupational health check which is necessary to ensure we will not put you at any risk in this role.

What experience will I need, and will I be the right person for the role?

There is no requirement for previous experience as this is a new and unique role. However, we are seeking people who have a level of understanding of Safety in the NHS: through personal or professional experiences. We are seeking people with a genuine commitment to support our patient safety improvement, are able to read and interpret complex information, are able to demonstrate objectivity and communicate openly and honestly on all aspects of patient safety and sensitive to the needs of others in response to safety incidents, as we work towards a restorative approach.

We want to ensure we represent the diversity in our community and encourage applications from everyone, we recognise the importance of the inclusion of diverse experiences that will help us to have greater insight, learn and accomplish more.

If you require any support with your application, please contact us.