Discharge Arrangements

Leaving Our Care

Hospitals are the right place to be when you have a specialist need.

We aim to care and treat our patients both effectively and efficiently, so it is a good idea to think about your leaving arrangements while you are here.

Discharge planning is co-ordinated by members of the nursing and medical team. We plan for your discharge from the time you are admitted into hospital to help ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Once your doctor has told you that you can go home, we aim to discharge you from hospital in a safe and effective manner.

Tablets and Medications

Before leaving hospital, you may need to wait for medicines from the Pharmacy. Some of your existing tablets used before your admission may have to be changed and some medicine may look different but contain the same drug that you had at home.

When you leave, we will usually give you a ten day supply of your prescribed medication to take home and your own GP will prescribe any more that you may need in due course. If you are unsure about any aspect of your prescription from the Pharmacy, please ask a nurse.

Getting Home

If you can travel by car, we ask you to arrange for a family member or friend to collect you, as we do not normally provide transport. If there is no one available to collect you from hospital, please tell one of our ward staff as soon as possible, so that suitable arrangements can be made for you to be taken home by hospital car, or ambulance.

If you require a district nurse, then we will book one for you.

Follow Up

If a follow up appointment is necessary, you will receive an appointment letter in the post to you at home. If you are asked to see your own GP, please contact your local surgery directly.