Outpatient Appointment Portal

Patients who have an outpatient appointment will receive details via a text message on their mobile phone inviting them follow a link and log in using a unique four-digit pin number and their date of birth.

This will take them to a secure online portal where they are able to cancel or change their appointments by following the instructions. This can be done via a smartphone, tablet or computer.

For patients who have not provided a mobile phone number to the Trust, or for those who would like to opt out of this service (see FAQs to do this), they will still receive an appointment letter through the post.

Watch this video to see how it works:

Benefits of the Outpatient Portal

There are many benefits to this new system for patients:

  • Appointment letters will be sent via text message so there’s no need to wait for them to arrive by post
  • The text message will include a secure link, alongside a unique four-digit PIN, which will provide instant access to the Outpatient Portal holding your appointment details
  • You can confirm or rebook an appointment with just one click
  • The Outpatient Portal can be accessed using a smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • If you don’t own a smartphone, you can still log onto the portal by copying the link in the text message to a web browser
  • The portal updates in real-time, meaning that if you reschedule or cancel your appointment, someone else could be seen sooner, helping reduce non-attendance and waiting times
  • You can add your appointment to your device calendar to get reminders
  • There are many adaptations that can be made to your digital appointment letter, including multiple language options (both written and audio) and changes in font size.

The Outpatient Portal is a quick and easy way to check and/or change your outpatient appointment without having to wait in a phone queue.

How It Works

  • You will receive a text reminder to your smartphone with your appointment details
  • Simply click the link in the text message to take you through to the Outpatient Portal.
  • When you enter the Outpatient Portal, put in yours/the patient’s date of birth (adult or child) and the unique four-digit PIN from the text message
  • This will take you to the appointment details page, where you will be able to see the appointment date, as well as hospital and clinic information.
  • Select one of the two options presented on the page: confirm or rebook
  • Confirming your appointment will let you add the appointment to your own calendar and send you a reminder nearer the time
  • If you can’t attend the date specified in the letter, you can choose to rebook your appointment. If you select this option, we will call you to arrange another date.

Contact us

If you are having trouble using the Outpatient Portal, please call our contact centre on 0121 507 4151 or email them at swbh.updatemycontactdetails@nhs.net.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have received a text message containing a link to my appointment letter, is this from the hospital?

Yes. The text message will be sent from NHSNoReply and will include a secure link, unique four-digit PIN and state the patient has an important appointment letter from Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust to view.

I have a new mobile number – how do I update this?

To update your contact details, please contact the contact centre on 0121 507 4151 or via email swbh.updatemycontactdetails@nhs.net.

Can I opt out of the service at any time?

Yes. Please call our contact centre on 0121 507 4151 or email them at swbh.updatemycontactdetails@nhs.net and they’ll update your communication preferences.

What happens if I still prefer to receive appointment letters by post?

You don’t have to do a thing, and you’ll continue to receive paper appointment letters by post.

Can I still receive appointment letters by post as well as accessing them through the Outpatient Portal?

Once you’ve signed into the portal, you won’t receive a paper copy of your appointment letter by post, but you will be able to download, email, or print a copy from your device.

What happens if I choose the ‘rebook’ option for my appointment?

You will be given the option to reschedule your appointment for another date. Please be aware that there may be a large gap between your old and new appointment.

What if I don’t own a smartphone?

You will still receive a text message with a link to your appointment letter, which you can type into a web browser or search engine on your desktop or tablet to access the Outpatient Portal.

Will I be able to use the same link and 4-digit PIN to access all of my appointments?

No. You will be sent a new link and four-digit PIN for each one of your appointments.

Will I get a single text message for all of my appointments, including any tests I may have on the day?

At this time, you will get a text message for each appointment that is held in different departments. We’re working to coordinate communications for all appointments that are held on the same day.