Shameela Munir


Shameela Munir is always delighted to hear from her patients, for the 26 year old Audiologist is doing a job she loves, helping patients make the most of their hearing.

Shameela started working for Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals in April 2012, and in that  time has already made a lasting impression with her patients. Audiology manager Suki Dhillion recently presented Shameela with a certificate to recognise that she has the most patient recommendations in the department.

She explained: “I chose audiology at college as it is a very interesting field and I thought I could really make a difference to people. I’ve always loved helping people and get lots of satisfaction from knowing I can help. Our hearing is such a valuable sense that it is vitally important we look after it and stop any potential threats to it by looking after it. Some of the precautions we can take are common sense which include not taking unnecessary risks by exposing ourselves to prolonged periods of loud noise.

“I work with a multidisciplinary team of professionals, looking after patients of all ages, identifying and assessing hearing and balance function, and recommending appropriate treatment or management of ailments.”

Audiology is a rapidly developing field, as there are more than 10 million people with some form of hearing loss in the UK today, with many cases of hearing loss going undiagnosed, as people don’t realise they have slowly lost some hearing.

Shameela continued: “Although I don’t have one specific in mind, I am always touched when patients write to us showing appreciation for the work that has been done for them and the service they have received.

Although she is kind, caring and professional at work, it is wise to stay on Shameela’s good side, as she enjoys a very physical hobby.

“I’m very active and play a lot of sports, including my favourite – kickboxing – which I really enjoy.”

As is the case with many competitive people, Shameela is always looking towards improving her skills. Unsurprisingly, these involve making the patient’s experience better.

“I want to to carry on expanding on the skills that I have while learning new ones so that I can help a wider range of people with their problems.”

Shameela may be young, but she constantly impresses the people around her. Who knows what the future holds for this young Audiologist, but we cannot wait to hear all about it.