Annabel Morgan

Lead Nurse

WITH DETERMINATION and dedication to her job, Annabel is the lead nurse at one of the busiest A&E units in the region.

Annabel Morgan (38), from Edington, is the Department Lead for the Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department at City Hospital. Her responsibilities include assessing and identifying patients requiring urgent medical care, supporting nursing staff and managing the day to day issues of a fast-paced environment.

Annabel sees the job as a wonderful opportunity for her to stretch herself. She said: “I enjoy the challenging situations I face on daily basis requiring the ability to think and act on your feet. This job gives me great job satisfaction especially when I know I have made a positive difference to the day or the life of patients or relatives.

“Within the A&E department, no two days are ever the same. Patients and medical emergencies vary each day and at times are exceptionally challenging. Not only do I take care of patients and manage staff, I have to ensure that patient flow through the department and other areas within the Trust goes smoothly so that patients are safely taken care of.

“I feel fortunate that I have this opportunity to be working alongside with the A&E team. They are an amazing group of people that work in very challenging and difficult circumstances on a day to day, shift by shift basis. The pressure in A&E at times can be really high and the staff on the whole smile through the tough days and support each other through the difficult times. I have worked in many other departments and have never worked with a team such as the one at City Hospital.”

Talking about her decision to nurse, Annabel said: “I have always wanted to work in the medical profession, as when I was growing up I saw firsthand the amazing nursing care my dad received through treatment for some serious medical conditions. This drove me into nursing as I wanted to provide ‘hands on’ care for patients, and being able to spend time with them and try and make a difference.”

Thinking about her next challenge, Annabel is considering whether she should follow the leadership path to advance her career.

Annabel’s hero is her father, who had been through so much but chosen to never give up. She admires her father for his strong determination and his optimism under any situation. His spirit has inspired her to always strive forward and overcome challenges that may arise.

Outside work, Annabel loves spending time with her 19-month-old daughter, Sophie. She hopes to introduce her daughter to different cultures by visiting and exploring other countries.