Mike Hallissey

Associate Non-Executive Director


Mike currently works for University Hospitals Birmingham holding the position of Medical Director, Director of Education and Consultant in General Surgery.

Mike began his career in 1992 where he held the position of a senior lecturer at the University of Birmingham.  In 1996 her gained his consultants position for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Surgical Oncology where he focused on Breast and more recently upper gastrointestinal cancers. He helped support the development of a regional service in Angiosarcoma as well still supporting the breast services clinically.

He has been a member of several committee’s and was a member and the president of the British Association of Surgical Oncology and served as the chair of the Cancer Service Committee for the Royal College of Surgeons of England.   He has supported the Trial Management Committee and has been involved with two major cancer trials.

Throughout his career, Mike, has been actively involved in medical education and was once a member of the Deanery Committee overseeing the training of house officers now known as foundation trainees.  In addition to this he has worked with colleagues to validate a cognitive stimulation which is used as a tool for trainee surgeons.