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The respiratory department has well established services in lung cancer diagnostics, tuberculosis, sleep and non-invasive ventilation, interstitial lung disease, bronchiectasis, asthma, COPD and other aspects of general respiratory medicine.

We have developed an endobronchial ultrasound, thoracoscopy (a minimally invasive surgical procedure) and pleural catheter service, and are a recognised centre for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. We work closely with allied specialties and tertiary referrals to provide specialist services to include home antibiotic services for bronchiectasis, anti Immunoglobin E (Anti-IgE) injections for asthma, disease modifying therapies for sarcoidosis and other interstitial lung disease, as well as advanced respiratory physiology testing.

A daily “inreach” is provided to our medical assessment units allowing prompt respiratory care for patients.


Mike Lang
Head of Respiratory Physiology

Dr Guy Hagan
Speciality Lead Consultant

Yasir Malik
Service Manager

Jacqui Moore


Dr Imtiaz Ahmed
Lung cancer, community respiratory, general respiratory

Dr Zia Ansari
Lung cancer, non-invasive ventilation and sleep medicine, general respiratory

Dr Usman Maqsood
Tuberculosis, lung cancer, EBUS, pleural disease

Dr Bonnie Menezes
Bronchiectasis, lung cancer, general respiratory

Dr Nazim Nathani
Tuberculosis, sleep disorders, non-invasive ventilation

Dr Arvind Rajasekaran
EBUS, lung cancer, interstitial lung disease, asthma

Dr Adeel Sahal
Asthma, pleural disease, general respiratory

Dr Diana Kavanagh
General Respiratory/ COPD

Dr Suhaila Mendes
Lung cancer / Bronchiectasis

Dr Natarajan Swaminathan
Lung Cancer/General Respiratory and Sleep Medicine

Dr Sayed Alderazi
TB, General Respiratory, lung Cancer

Locum Consultants

Dr Ashfaq Hussain
Lung Cancer/General Respiratory and Sleep Medicine

Dr  Mahzooz Qasim
General Respiratory, ILD, Community

Visiting thoracic surgeons from Heartlands

Respiratory specialist nurses
Ann Findley

Prisca Sagota
Tina Mytton
Tracey Foley

Interstitial lung disease (ILD)
Sarah Evans

Lung cancer
Sharron Newbold
Nuala Walters
Joanna O’Dwyer
Ella Guinto

Joy Chidawu
Ryan Allen

Samantha Metcalfe
Rishpal Chana
Sophie Fox

Respiratory Physiology
Amina Mohammed



We offer a full range of diagnostic tests including

Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS)


Sleep studies and acute/domicillary NIV

Advanced respiratory physiology including cardiopulmonary exercise and mannitol challenge

We offer services in the full range of respiratory disorders including chronic cough, COPD, asthma (including biologic therapy), bronchiectasis including patients on long term nebulised antibiotics, sleep apnoea and home non-invasive ventilation, tuberculosis, non-tuberculous mycobacteria and multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, sarcoid and other interstitial lung diseases and investigation of suspected lung cancer.

Patient Stories

Read about our patients below:

Great grandad who underwent a double lung transplant will throw a fundraising dinner to say thank you for his care

A great grandad who underwent a double lung transplant will throw a fundraising dinner to say thank you for his care.

Michael Willis (second from right) and his wife Patricia with our respiratory team.

Michael Willis, aged 60, who suffers from the rare lung condition sarcoidosis, was given just six months to live – unless he had the major operation.
He was cared for by consultant respiratory physician Dr Arvind Rajaskaran at City Hospital, Birmingham, who was determined to save his patient.  He worked with the Royal Papworth Hospital to find a donor and Michael had surgery in June last year at the Cambridge-based hospital.

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Patient Information

Here you can find a resources for patients and those interested in the service. Please note this area is a work in progress and a number of leaflets are currently being updated.


To contact us, please call the following numbers:
Sandwell Hospital – 0121 507 4587/3920
City Hospital – 0121 507 4586/4576

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