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The Respiratory Department provides treatment and care for different lung disease, including tuberculosis (TB), sleep and non-invasive ventilation (this is for people who need support with their breathing usually overnight), interstitial lung disease, bronchiectasis, asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and other aspects of general respiratory problems. We will also diagnose lung cancer, and refer patients to neighbouring NHS trusts for treatment. 

We have developed an endobronchial ultrasound, thoracoscopy (a minimally invasive surgical procedure) and pleural catheter service (this involves inserting a tube into a patient’s chest to help drain excess fluid keeping them out of hospital), and are a recognised centre for patients who have a more complicated form of TB.  We provide a service for patients with certain lung conditions to receive antibiotics at home, avoiding the need for hospital stays. 



We offer a full range of tests to diagnose a range of conditions including:

  • Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS).
  • Thoracoscopy – this is a procedure which will investigate fluid around the lung.
  • Sleep studies and acute/domicillary NIV – further investigation of sleep-related breathing problems and respiratory failure.
  • More advanced respiratory physiology testing.

We offer services in the full range of respiratory disorders including chronic (long-term) cough, COPD, asthma (including biologic therapy), bronchiectasis including patients on long-term nebulised antibiotics, sleep apnoea and home non-invasive ventilation, tuberculosis (TB), non-tuberculous (TB) mycobacteria and more complicated forms of tuberculosis, sarcoid and other interstitial lung diseases and investigation of suspected lung cancer.

Patient Information

Here you can find a resources for patients and those interested in the service. 

Other services available

COVID-19 Medicines Delivery Unit (CMDU)

The NHS offers outpatient treatment to people with COVID-19 who are at the highest risk of becoming seriously ill and have mild symptoms which do not require admission to hospital. This is provided by the COVID-19 Medicines Delivery Unit (CMDU).

These treatments can reduce the chance of you getting seriously ill from COVID-19 and need to be given within five days after you start to have symptoms.

The COVID-19 medicines delivery unit (CMDU) triage is based at New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton and the IV Team is based at Westpark Hospital, Wolverhampton. It provides COVID-19 treatments to people at the highest risk from Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley and  Sandwell who have tested positive for COVID-19. For more information go to: COVID-19 Medicines Delivery Unit


To contact us, please call the medical secretaries on the following numbers:
Sandwell Hospital – 0121 507 4587/3920
City Hospital – 0121 507 4586/4576

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