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Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has two main parts: reconstructive plastic surgery, which relates to the restoration of appearance and function to the body following illness or accident, and aesthetic and cosmetic plastic surgery which is done to change the appearance from choice.

We provide reconstructive plastic surgery in a wide variety of subspecialties covering all aspects of wound healing and reconstruction following birth defects, disease and injuries. Cosmetic surgery is generally not provided in the NHS.

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Our team consist of four consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeons. We cover all aspects of adult and paediatric plastic surgery.

Mr Atul Khanna, MBBS MBA FRCS Dip Eur B(Plast) FRCS (Plast)

Mr Anindya Lahiri, MBBS MS FRCS DiplHandSurg FRCS(Plast)

Mr Andrej Salibi, MD MRCS MSc FRCS(Plast)

Mr Elliot Smock, MBBS FRCS(Plast) BSc Dip Eur B(Plast)


The plastic surgery department at Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust is split between City Hospital and Sandwell General Hospital.

City Hospital:

  • Provides mainly an elective (planned) plastic surgery service. The is performed at the Birmingham Treatment Centre.

Sandwell Hospital:

  • Sandwell Hospital is a regional trauma unit. It provides an emergency service for hand injuries including fractures, soft tissue injuries and minor burns.
  • The plastic surgeons at Sandwell Hospital are involved in the provision of trauma service covering most hand injuries (such as repairing cut tendons, muscles and nerves and reconstruction of defects), hand infections and other soft tissue injuries (including facial injuries, minor burns and injuries to legs). We work together with orthopaedic surgeons in complex injuries of the lower limb that need soft tissue reconstruction.
  • We also provide all other aspects of general plastic surgery service. This is supported by our specialist plastic surgery dressing clinic.


Services Provided:

  • General plastic surgery:
    We provide expertise in all aspects of wound healing and reconstruction. In addition, we regularly provide support to our general surgical, orthopaedic, vascular and gynaecology and breast oncology colleagues.
  • Skin Cancer Reconstructive Surgery:
    A team of plastic surgeons, dermatologists, pathologists, radiologists and specialist nurses provide skin oncology services for the removal of skin cancers and reconstruction if necessary.
  • Hand Surgery:
    The hand surgery unit at Sandwell Hospital provides services for all aspects of hand surgery. We also hold several specialist hand clinics together with consultants from other specialties, including rheumatology, neurophysiology and orthopaedics. Common conditions treated include carpal and cubital tunnel syndromes, arthritis of hand and wrist, Dupuytren’s contracture, ganglions and trigger fingers. More complex procedures include reconstruction of bone, joints, nerves, tendons or skin coverage for severe injuries/tumours. This is supported by a dedicated team of hand therapists.
  • Paediatric Plastic Surgery:
    The team at Sandwell Hospital provides plastic surgery services for children such as correction of prominent (sticking-out) ears, removal of skin lesions, removal of extra fingers, toes and skin tags.
  • Body Contouring Surgery:
    We provide corrective surgery for patients with developmental asymmetry and massive weight loss. Examples are tummy tucks and breast reduction surgery. This is dependent on strict NHS guidelines and funding availability.


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Mr Atul Khanna, 0121 507 2615

Mr Anindya Lahiri, 0121 507 3939

Mr Andrej Salibi, 0121 507 5482

Mr Elliot Smock, 0121 553 4162

Plastic Surgery Clinic: 

For urgent enquires regarding dressings and wound care following surgery.

Sandwell Hospital (Tuesdays/ Fridays AM) – 0121 507 3120

City Hospital (Wednesdays/Fridays AM) – 0121 507 6556

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