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Gynaecology is concerned with the female genitals and reproductive organs. The Trust provides a general gynaecology service at City and Sandwell hospitals.

Gynaecology is mainly an elective (planned) specialty, the service is closely linked to obstetrics.

The Trust is also the provider of the regional gynae-oncology service.

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Specialist nurse teams
Our Trust has a team of clinical nurse specialists specialising in colposcopy, early pregnancy, menopause, and uro-gynaecology.

Mrs Shagaf Bakour
General gynaecology (City Hospital)
Gynaecology endocrinology (City Hospital)

Mrs Nighat Bhatti
General gynaecology (City Hospital)
Gynaecology endocrinology (City Hospital)

Miss Gabrielle Downey
General gynaecology (City Hospital)
Gynaecology endocrinology (City Hospital)

Ayman Ewies
General Gynaecology (City Hospital)
Gynaecology endocrinology (City Hospital)
PMB clinic (City Hospital)
Recurrent miscarriage service (City Hospital)

Dr Jenny Williamson
Hormone Replacement Therapy (City Hospital)

Mr Charlie Chan
Gynaecology 2WW (City Hospital)

Prof David Leusley
Gynaecology 2WW (City Hospital)
Vulva clinic (City Hospital)

Miss Kavita Singh
Gynaecology 2WW (City Hospital)

Mrs Shagaf Bakour
PMB Clinic (City Hospital)

Sadia Malick
PMB Clinic (City Hospital)

Mr Imad Abukhalil
General gynaecology (Sandwell Hospital)

Mr Maaly Harb
General gynaecology (Sandwell Hospital)
PMB clinic (Sandwell Hospital)
Urogynaecology (Sandwell Hospital)

Mr Joe Kabukoba
General gynaecology (Sandwell Hospital)
PMB clinic (Sandwell Hospital)

Mr Victor Olagundoye
General gynaecology (Sandwell Hospital)

Mrs Abha Sinha
General gynaecology (Sandwell Hospital)


Our patients are referred to us via their GP or a consultant.

We run clinics in Post-Menopausal Bleeding (PMB), general gynaecology, urodynamics, uogynaecology, menopause, early pregnancy assessment and colposcopy.

We have recently introduced the Post-Menopausal Bleeding One-stop Clinic. More details for the service are below.

PMB One-stop clinic

The gynaecology team is now operating a one-stop clinic for women with post-menopausal bleeding which cuts down the amount of appointments a patient has to attend. The clinic is dedicated to the care and investigation of women who bleed after the menopause, which is the main sign of womb cancer.

A patient is considered to be post-menopausal one year after the natural cessation of periods so  if she bleeds from the vagina after this time it warrants further investigation.

How long will women spend at the clinic appointment?

Traditionally women attending for this issue would be seen several times, but this new way of treating patients means they will spend around two hours at the hospital and all necessary investigations will be carried out at that appointment.

 How has this improved care?

The care has not been compromised in anyway, but has been improved as a result. It means all elements of investigative work will be carried out at one appointment. This includes pelvic ultrasound scans, a consultation, hysteroscopy (womb telescope) and biopsy as required. Procedures will also be offered including removal of polyps/fibroids and hormonal coil insertion if needed and consented for.

Further care

It is understandable that approximately 1:5 women prefer procedures to be performed under general anaesthesia. If this is the case, the individual’s choice will be respected but the procedure will be carried out at a later date.


Patient Stories

Please feel free to share your experiences of this service. Please e-mail your views to



Mr Imad Abukhalil – 0121 507 3762
Mr Sabah Baghdadi – 0121 507 4706
Mrs Shagaf Bakour – 0121 507 4377
Mrs Nighat Bhatti – 0121 507 4042
Mr Charlie Chan – 0121 507 4244
Miss Gabrielle Downey – 0121 507 4391
Ayman Ewies – 0121 507 4042
Mr Maaly Harb – 0121 507 5335
Mr Joe Kabukoba – 0121 507 3763
Prof David Luesley – 0121 507 5337
Mr Victor Olagundoye – 0121 507 3475
Miss Kavita Singh – 0121 507 5437
Mrs Abha Sinha – 0121 507 3475
Dr Jenny Williamson – 0121 507 4042


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Oldbury Health Centre
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