Young Patient says “Thanks” with Donation to Sandwell Hospital

9th Jul 2012

Nine year old Alex Heagren of Great Barr this week paid a return visit to Sandwell Hospital to present a cheque for £500. The large donation was by way of thanks for treatment he received on the children’s wards there some years ago.

Alex’s mum, Jo, explained that at around the age of two Alex had a number of problems with recurring urine infections and reflux. “We saw various doctors but it was not until we came into Sandwell that thorough blood tests were done which showed the extent of his infection. “

Unfortunately one of Alex’s kidneys sustained serious damage and two years ago was removed. After a speedy recovery, football mad Alex told his parents, Jo and Richard, that he wanted to do something to say thank you to Sandwell Hospital and help other children who were ill.

A number of fundraising activities were organised and lead by Alex and his family, including little brother Ben, and the trust fund ‘Kidney Kind’ was established.

Alex’s fundraising has now reached £600 via football tournaments and cake sales and this week he delivered the first £500 to a very grateful representative of the Children’s Trust Fund at Sandwell Hospital.

Play Specialist John Morris, who accepted the cheque said: “We are delighted with this donation and, as Alex has requested, will spend half on medical equipment for the children’s wards and half on more fun stuff to help other children’s stay in hospital a little easier.”

Alex and his family are determined to carry on the fundraising, especially since Alex was encouraged on by his proud Grandmother, Pam Worth, who died earlier this year.

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