Unity – creating time to care

7th Apr 2019

Our new electronic patient record system will be rolled out from 21 September, transforming the way we document care.

The new system called Unity, replaces a number of previous IT systems which will reduce the duplication required by clinical teams. It will enable the Trust to keep health records in one secure place, ensuring healthcare professionals have quick and easy access to information about their patients, enabling them to spend more time on delivering care.

During the first two weeks of the roll out extra staff will be on hand to help, however some patients may experience a longer than usual wait when visiting hospitals and clinics run by the organisation while clinicians familiarise themselves with the new system.

A large team of experts will provide staff with on the spot support to help them ensure that they are able to get used to the system and that a smooth transition takes place.

Your care and safety are at the heart of everything we do at the Trust which is why the implementation of the electronic patient record is essential. Unity is one of the most sophisticated and secure healthcare systems in the world and one of the most rigorously tested systems in the NHS.

What Unity means for your information

As a patient… This means… So…
Your information is secure


It cannot be ‘lost’ as it is securely backed up in more than one place. It can only be accessed by staff who have a legitimate reason to do so.


You can be assured that we have your health records to hand and that there are robust processes in place to keep them confidential. 


Your information is easier to manage


It can be maintained more easily as your information is in one place.


You will know that any information we hold on you is accurate and up-to-date.


Your information is more accessible


It can be accessed by the appropriate staff wherever they have a secure Trust connection.
It can be shared appropriately across the Trust as all teams will have access to Unity. 
You can be confident that wherever you are seen by Trust staff they will have all your information available.
Your information will only be  accessible to staff who need to view it as part of your care 
Your information can be used more efficiently


It can be used consistently and easily within the system to populate relevant documents and forms.



You won’t need to repeatedly provide contact details and basic information.



Your questions answered

What will happen to my current information when Unity is launched?

All paper records will be converted into electronic records and along with existing electronic records will be retained and available to those looking after you.

What will happen to my paper records?

Once we have converted them into electronic records the paper copies will be destroyed confidentially.

How secure is Unity?

Unity is one of the most secure health systems in use and more secure than having records on multiple systems, particularly paper.

How will Unity affect the handling of my information?

Unity will not affect how we handle your information. The sensitivity of patient information is well understood by our staff. All our staff are trained to understand their duty of confidentiality and this is written into their contracts of employment. We will keep all electronic records securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Do I need to do anything?

No. There is a project team in place who are working with clinicians and administrative staff to plan and put in place the changes that are needed.

How can I get more information about Unity?

Email: swbh.trustindigital@nhs.net


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