Trust takes first delivery of skin tone temporary prostheses

2nd Nov 2023

A multi-award winning breast cancer charity has donated its first batch of different skin coloured soft prostheses for women who have undergone a mastectomy at City Hospital.

Around 80 “Softies” were given to the Breast Unit at City Hospital by Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer.

It means women from Black, Asian and other minority backgrounds will be able to pick matching skin tone colours, available in four different shades, when being fitted with the prosthesis which they wear in their bra.

After six to eight weeks, once women have recovered from surgery, they are fitted with a permanent silicon prosthesis, available in a range of colours at the hospital.

Helen Taylor, breast care nurse at City Hospital, said: “It’s fantastic that we are now able to offer women Softies in a range of colours. Previously these were unavailable to us, as they were only available in beige. Even though the Softies are only temporary, it will enhance the patient experience and make a difference to how women feel after surgery.

“Having a mastectomy can have a psychological and emotional impact on your life. It can be from how you wear your clothes, to going out and about. We want women to feel good and well about themselves and gain back their confidence. 
“We are very grateful to Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer for their donation of these prosthetics.”

Veronica Kumeta, co-founder of the charity, added: “It’s important that women are offered a soft prosthesis that matches their skin tone as we want to give women their confidence back after going through a cancer diagnosis and then a mastectomy.

“Having the option of a Softie to match their skin tone is an important step in their journey to feel well again.”

Some women use a Softie temporarily before reconstructive surgery, while others wear one before using a permanent silicon prosthesis.

Veronica added: “The staff at City Hospital’s Breast Unit work incredibly hard to deliver compassionate care to women going through cancer so it was only right that our first batch of Softies was donated to the hospital in memory of my friend Tanya.

“We are working with the company Sew With Holly to create this more affordable product and we hope that going forward we can supply them to other NHS trusts in the area.”

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