SWBH NHS Trust cancer patients positive about their care

5th Sep 2013

The 2013 National Cancer Patient Experience Survey results are in, highlighting that 89% of patients reported their care at SWBH NHS Trust was either excellent or very good.  The report which is a third in its series included the feedback of 511 patients, who received treatment at the Trust between September and November 2012.

Nationally the survey reported the views of 116,000 cancer patients in all 155 NHS Trusts that provide treatment to patients with cancer.

The Trust survey results showed marked improvements in many areas since last year, in the aspects of care such as diagnosis, support, patient care and information.

The Trust was reported among the top 20% of the national average in the following areas:

• Patient given written information about what type of cancer they had (77%)

• Patient views taken into account when discussing their treatment (75%)

• Patients given information about side effects (85%)

• Patient given the name of the Cancer Nurse Specialist in charge of their care (92%)

• Patients given information about the impact of cancer treatment on their work / education (80%)

• Patients given information about their operation (85%)

• Patients always given enough privacy when treated (96%)

Marked areas for improvement against national average included cancer research and treatment, which will be focal area for progress for SWBH cancer services.

To view 2013 National Cancer Patient Experience Survey results for SWBH NHS Trust, please click here.


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