Soothing and stimulating therapies on offer to Sandwell and Birmingham mums-to-be

28th Jan 2014

From Monday 3 February, mums-to-be across the West Midlands can take advantage of a range of complementary therapies to help ease them through their pregnancies.

The therapies, which are all delivered by community midwives with a special interest in complementary therapies, are being offered at the Halcyon Birthing Centre on Oldbury Road, Smethwick. The session are free but women are welcome to leave a donation if they wish.

Expectant mums can take part in clinical hypnotherapy on Monday mornings, helping them with problems including anxiety, needle phobia and white coat syndrome, while reflexology appointments are offered on Wednesday mornings and soothing massage sessions on Thursday afternoons. The service will also be welcoming ladies who have recently given birth.

Denise Slotta is one of the community midwives taking part, offering reflexology. She said: “I have more than 15 years’ experience of delivering complementary therapies and I’ve seen for myself how beneficial they are. They are especially good for pregnant women as they are non-invasive.

“Reflexology is beneficial as it reduces stress, improves circulation and aids deep relaxation. As well as helping to ease some of the minor ailments that many pregnant women experience, it’s a special time for women and their unborn baby – they get to have some quality ‘me time’, which is always welcome.”

Angela Mack, from Great Barr, took part in a reflexology session, and said afterwards: “It was really relaxing. The midwife picked up my back problems, including sciatica. It was amazing – I’d recommend any mum-to-be has a treatment here.”

To book a therapy session, call 0121 507 5655.

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