Sandwell Community Children’s Services rated Outstanding!

17th Nov 2015

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust has today been given an ‘outstanding’ rating by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for the Trust’s Children, Young People and Families community services.

The services include health visiting, community nursing and therapy teams, and other allied health professionals.  They work across homes, schools, children’s centres and hospital settings.

Every part of the service provided achieved a rating of either good or outstanding.  The Trust achieved an outstanding rating for both caring and for leadership.

Chief Executive Toby Lewis commented: “There is no complacency but this is definitely a time for congratulations. This top-rating is a big step forward for children in the borough and a measure of our team’s dedication and passion. I want to congratulate our partners in the Local Authority and in general practice for their part in this success.  There is more to do to improve further, but this report tells of a culture which staff want to work in and in which local people should take pride.”

“We have invested in the development of our leaders and are seeing the benefits of that. It is obvious that throughout these services there is a positive leadership culture that results in outstanding care for young people and their families.

Group Director for Women and Child Health, Amanda Geary added: “It is pleasing to note that the CQC report praises innovation within the team, as our community Children’s and Young People’s Services are truly innovative using new technology to deliver care that has a positive impact on young people.

“One of our Speech and Language therapists has designed a ‘tactile cue’ for children with complex needs. This is a system which uses touch to promote effective communication with children who have profound and complex learning disabilities.

“Another innovation is a computer app used as a teaching programme. Children were more engaged using the app than when playing with a toy. Across the whole service our staff are empowered to be creative which ensures they continually strive to improve care and treatment for our young patients and their families.”

Parents of the children who use the service at centres such as Coneygre Community Centre in Tipton and the Orchard School in Oldbury are also very impressed with the service they receive.

“We were referred to the service when the health visitor noticed that our child had development issues” said Jade Turner, who has been bringing her daughter Harlow to Conygre Community Centre for the Physical Fridays sessions that take place there.

“I have been here for two weeks, and it is absolutely brilliant. The staff are really helpful and they have brilliant facilities and it gives us a chance to socialise with other parents and children who are in the same position as us.

“I would recommend Coneygre to anyone as Harlow seems to have come along really well.”

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