Sandwell and Birmingham hospitals to cut infection rates and injuries with innovative device

9th Apr 2013

The trust which runs hospital services in Sandwell and west Birmingham is aiming to reduce infection rates, enhance patient recovery and improve safety by standardising their needle-free devices with a single, innovative product.

To improve both infection prevention and patient experience, Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital NHS Trust is improving practice by using one simple device across the Trust on the majority of all cannulae – tubes which deliver or remove fluids to and from the body.

Safety is also paramount to the Trust, and the device will also reduce the risk of needle-stick injuries, protecting patients and healthcare staff alike.

By sealing the catheter hub, the device reduces exposure to the atmosphere, and therefore potentially dangerous bacteria, as well as improving the ability to disinfect the access device, which in turn reduces the risk of infection.

Liz Green, Haemoglobinopathy Lead Nurse at Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “Studies have shown that the more times the hub of devices such as catheters are exposed to the atmosphere, the more likely they are to be colonised by bacteria. The device closes this hub and therefore reduces the risk of infection to the patient. In addition, the device also helps prevent needle-stick injuries, which is when the needle slips and injures the healthcare worker, leading to  the possibility of transmitting viruses and other infections.

“We are now using the device as standard on wards across the Trust, and hope to see the benefits of reduced infections and greater patient and staff safety emerging very shortly.”

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