NHS Hero: Hands-on Stuart’s passion for his job

3rd Jun 2019

From rubbing shoulders with royalty to creating wonderful Christmas decorations – Stuart MacGregor’s job as a multi-skilled craftsperson at a West Midlands healthcare Trust certainly isn’t what you’d expect.
The 35-year-old has worked at Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust for more than 17 years for the Estates Department and is one of the most well-known characters in the organisation, not only for his expertise and but also for his sense of humour.
“Over Christmas last year I helped to make some decorations for one of the wards, so I made some special bauble clips to pin to my beard,” he laughed. “Staff and patients loved it. We work hard, but we also know how to have fun.
“Ultimately our job is to help keep services running and that may mean fixing doors, windows or ceilings, or being asked to make specific items for departments. We’ve recently designed and made special red boxes which will be used for the period poverty campaign to store sanitary products.
“They will be placed in all female toilets across the Trust and it will mean women who cannot afford products are able to access them for free.
“The job is certainly varied but also very satisfying because you can see how you have helped improve the patient experience.”
The dad-of-three chose his career path after watching his highly skilled grandad indulge in his hobby  – carpentry.
“He worked in a factory by day, but during his spare time he loved fixing and making things,” added Stuart. “He would sort out the fence, or build a shed. One of my first memories is helping him make a pigeon coop.
“He certainly influenced my career.”
So what has been Stuart’s career highlight so far?
“It has to be when I met Prince William,” he said. “I didn’t get to speak to the Duke of Cambridge, but I was within touching distance of him. I was there to ensure the pathway was cleared for him when he visited Sandwell Hospital.”
Stuart has many ongoing projects, but one he is most passionate about is building a playhouse in the Children’s Day Nursery at Sandwell, which is run by the Trust.
“It’s a huge fort which incorporates a slide and climbing frame, so it’s more than just your standard playhouse. Myself and the team have been working on it for a while, but we hope to have it ready by the summer, so the children can enjoy themselves when we have some good weather.”
So who is Stuart’s hero? “It has to be my grandad. He is my real inspiration.”

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