New health kiosks kick up a storm in City Hospital

14th May 2015

OVER 1350 people have taken the first step to gaining control of their own health by using a state of the art health kiosk at City Hospital.

The kiosk, which was launched in February, which measures height, weight, pulse and blood pressure, are being rolled out as part of a programme supported by Birmingham Public Health.

The first kiosk was installed in the Patient Information Centre at the Birmingham Treatment Centre. After its success, the Trust has pledged to install a second health kiosk at Sandwell Hospital in the near future.

The kiosk has been very well received by all who have used them.

One patient who used the kiosk said: “I was pleasantly surprised that it was so easy to use.  It allowed me to check my weight, BMI and blood pressure, which was a great way to monitor whether I was healthy, especially as I have recently had major surgery.”

The Patient Information Centre contains many leaflets as well as the kiosk and has been the central hub of the hospital for patients and relatives of patients who are seeking advice and information about treatments and counselling.

Patient Support Centre manager Nayna Patel said: “We have a large proportion of patients, relatives and carers who find information on display around general health and wellbeing beneficial.”

The staff in the Patient Information Centre have been passing on their knowledge to the general public in the Birmingham Treatment Centre and are seeing, first hand, how intriguing a machine like this kiosk is to passers-by.

“The addition of the Health Kiosk really compliments the facility we have, offering patients a further option to track their health” said Nayna.

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