Meet the Family

17th Dec 2013

All good soaps have a Christmas special and the SWBH Twitopera is no different. #SWBHxmas, the first Twitter based soap opera from Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals (SWBH) NHS Trust will run from 23 December 2013 to 1 January 2014. This will highlight some of the most popular festive health related issues including, slips, food poisoning, diarrhoea and vomiting.

@SWBHmom, @SWBHdad, @SWBHgrandpa, @SWBHnan, @SWBHson and @SWBHcat form the fictional characters the soap opera is based around, let’s meet the family…

Often found cleaning up after her son, SWBHmom loves to do everything for her family.

The voice of reason in the family, SWBHdad loves a good reminiscing story.

Currently staying on the Medically Fit for Discharge ward at Rowley Regis Hospital, SWBHgrandpa is looking forward to settling into his new place in a nursing home.

The sometimes ditzy SWBHnan is getting used to living alone without SWBHgrandpa and at times can be dangerously independent. Her best friend is the fashion adventurous Doris.

Lad about town, SWBHson, likes hanging out with his mates down the pub. He loves to live at home as it means he doesn’t need to look after himself.

The family pet, SWBHcat, is judgemental yet nonchalant, purring his mind about the family’s antics.

Follow the story at #SWBHxmas for tips on how to have a healthy festive season, what to do if things go wrong and a few cheesy jokes thrown in for good measure.

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