Local Father Pens Album to Say Thank You to Ward

30th Apr 2015

A LOCAL MUSICIAN has found a way to channel the grief of losing his grandmother and having his daughter treated in the neonatal ward at City Hospital in Birmingham, by making an album and donating the funds to the department who saved his daughter’s life.

On the 6th December 2013, Oli Campion’s daughter Shayla was born nearly two months early and spent the first couple of months of her life in the neonatal unit at City Hospital.

The Hargrave Foundation, who recently sponsored the Best SEN Resource award at the 2015 Music Teacher Awards for Excellence, have also given generously to the cause by donating £2,500 to the unit.

During this difficult time, Oli’s grandmother Margaret passed away so he decided to write a song in her memory for his daughter.

Margaret was a big influence on his life and he used song writing to help him work through his grief.

“My grandmother passed away from a stroke which meant my daughter never got the chance meet her.

“She was a huge influence in my life and was a great support throughout the pregnancy” said Oli.

Thanks to the hard work and loving care of the neonatal team at City Hospital, Shayla was soon well enough to return home for the first time.

When Shayla reached six months old, Oli, from Birmingham, decided it was time to share his song online.

It wasn’t long before Oli’s boss Steve Bennett, chief executive of The Genuine Gemstone Company, asked Oli if he would like to work on an album that they could sell and donate the profits to the unit that saved Shayla’s life.

The album features eight original tracks written and performed by Oli, as well as two bonus tracks from his band ‘Talking Odd’.

Oli used his own experiences to put together the album and songs such as “See the World”, which was written as a wedding present for his brother, and “Never Gonna Let You Down” are proof of what an amazing, yet sometimes heart-breaking journey this man has lived.

The album comes with a booklet inside its case, which gives a personal backstory to each of the songs.

Oli explained: “I play the guitar to Shayla every night hoping she will become a musician when she grows up.

I started singing ‘Never Gonna Let You Down’ to her and it has become my favorite song on the album, probably due to the subject.

So far around 100 copies have been sold, which is amazing, the support from all of our family and friends has been incredible.”

For Oli and his wife Vicky, creating the album was not enough to show their gratitude to the unit that saved their daughter’s life.

“The staff have really supported the album and we’re friends with many of the nurses on Facebook, who still take a huge interest in Shayla’s progress,” said Oli.

Rasekhuta Phil Lephalala, Matron of the neonatal unit speaks very highly of the family and of what Oli is doing.

“It is always lovely to see them and it’s amazing how much she has grown” said Phil.

All proceeds from the sale of “Blue, Green, Grey” will go to the Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust Charitable Fund (Registered Charity Number 1056127) for the Neonatal Unit Equipment Trust.


You can buy the album in CD format or on MP3 at www.equalworld.com

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