Junior doctor pens kid’s book about lockdown

10th Jul 2020

A frontline junior doctor has written a children’s book which helps to explain lockdown and coronavirus to youngsters.

Oh! What a Lovely Lockdown! focuses on the experiences of twins, Lily and Leo, who are initially told how their plans to have fun with family and friends, as well as go on holiday, are cancelled because of the pandemic.

However, their parents refuse to let this spoil their fun and the family think of ways they can entertain themselves at home. It has already been given the thumbs up by Harry Potter star Oliver Phelps, who has written the foreword.

Author Vijaytha Murali, aged 27, who works at Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust in the Acute Medicine Unit (AMU), explained: “I hope this book will inspire children and their parents to get in touch with their creativity.

“It shows how Lily and Leo think of ways to have fun at home, having the space and time to invest in their creativity and imagination.

“The book is intended to help parents and children to reflect on what has just happened. The core message of the book is that you can create your own joy and happiness at home, no matter what the circumstances are.
“Although it is a children’s book I do hope it appeals to adult readers as well.”

As well as being a trainee medic, Vijaytha has always been a writer. She added: “Writing is a way that I de-stress, reflect and process things.  I’ve been a creative writer from a young age, but this is my first official book.

“There were a couple of things that inspired me to write it.  I heard a lot about the experiences of children in my family and how they were coping throughout lockdown.
“I have also been involved in well-being initiatives during the pandemic which made me think a lot more about what families with young children, are going through.”

Vijaytha, who is a British Medical Association representative, continued: “It’s exciting to have this book published and to see where it goes. The feedback I’ve received so far is that children love it. They like the images and the concept of the story.”

The book has been published by Lionness Publishing with all profits from sales going to the national charity Wellchild. 

Wellchild ambassador Oliver Phelps, better known as George Weasley in the Harry Potter films, has written about the book: “Oh! What a lovely Lockdown! couldn’t have come at a better time. Vijaytha has created such a timely, engaging children’s book that will entertain children and parents alike and hopefully help them through these strange times.”

The book costs £6.99 and you can buy it here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/What-Lovely-Lockdown-distancing-adventure/dp/1910853216.

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