IT worker reveals how she fled terrorists to find her home in the UK

22nd Jul 2022

A former refugee has revealed how she fled terrorists and cannibals in war-torn Uganda to rebuild her life in the UK working for a West Midlands NHS Trust.  

Christine Glory, 34, has shared her remarkable story in her first book Outrunning Fear to raise awareness and highlight the atrocities she suffered as she journeyed from Uganda to the UK.  

She now lives in Sutton Coldfield and is employed by Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust as a workforce co-ordinator in the IT department.  

“I was just a baby when the village I lived in was attacked by cannibals,” she recalled. “My mother fled with me in her arms to escape the brutality and she later told me how she looked back to see smoke billowing from the village.

“It didn’t stop there. I remember the moment I was pulled from my bed in the middle of the night to run for my life, as soldiers from a terrorist organisation swooped on my village.” 

Christine decided to write a book about her journey to bring to life the harsh reality of what it’s like to be born into war.  

She added: “I want this book to help people understand and appreciate what they really have, and be a role model to people, showing that something good can happen.  

“The theme of the book is around how I overcame my own fears; after all we each have our own type of fear that we are trying to escape. This fear may not be a war zone like it was for me, but it could be a medical diagnosis, family issue or abuse. The hope, however, is that everyone can in some way relate to this story and be inspired that change is possible and there is always hope for the future. 

“When I think about what I went through and my situation now, it almost feels unreal.  

“I have a great job in the NHS and am working with a wonderful team. I started out as a volunteer in 2019 and have managed to work my way up to have a permanent role.  

“I’ve developed my skills and grown not just professionally but also personally too.”  

The book is available for purchase now directly from Amazon,  Vivlio and other good online suppliers. 

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