Introducing a new way to book your follow up appointments

16th Nov 2015

We are changing the way follow-up appointments are booked so that if you are due to be seen again in more than six weeks we will invite you to contact us nearer the time. This will allow you to agree a convenient appointment date and time.

If you need your follow-up appointment within the next six weeks you will be given your appointment before you leave the clinic.

If you need your appointment after six weeks we will write to you and ask you to contact us
to arrange your appointment

Questions that you may have for us:

Q: What do I need to do to book my appointment?

 A: If your appointment is due after six weeks, when you receive your letter from the Trust you
need to telephone us to arrange an appointment date and time, or let us know that you no
longer need an appointment. You will need to do this within two weeks of the date on the
We will send you a text message reminder if we have your mobile telephone number.

Q: What happens if I do not ring the hospital?

 A: If you do not ring us to arrange your appointment your clinician will review your care and
may discharge you. In this case a letter will be sent to you and your GP explaining this.

Q: Why is the Trust implementing this way of booking follow-up appointments?

A: By booking appointments closer to the time they are needed we aim to make appointments
more convenient for you and to reduce appointment changes or cancellations.

If you have any questions about booking your follow-up appointment please telephone our
Contact Centre on 0121 507 4151 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday, and 9am – 5pm
on Saturdays.

The leaflet is available here. The leaflet is also available in other languages, please click here to view in alternative languages.

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