International Expert in Sandwell for Lecture to Patients and Doctors at PID awareness event

29th Jan 2013

Medical experts and patients with Primary Immune deficiency disease (PID) will be amongst the audience at a forthcoming PID awareness event at Sandwell Hospital. The audience will have the opportunity of listening to the renowned international expert, Professor Amos Etzioni.

Local experts in the field of immune deficiency, notably from the Immunology Department at Birmingham City Hospital, are delighted that Prof Etzioni is able to speak locally. Dr Sadia Noorani, Consultant Clinical Immunologist said: “It is an honour for us, and for the national support group UKPIPS, to get an opportunity to meet with Prof Etzioni and hear him speak on this complex and fascinating disease.”

The lecture is entitled “If the Answer is PID – What is the Question?”  Dr Noorani explained: “Primary Immune deficiency (PID) if undiagnosed can cause damage to the lungs and other organs and sadly the average length of time from disease onset to diagnosis is seven years. Longer delays have been seen in certain areas. Many patients live and die with PID without ever having been given a diagnosis. The most common form of PID (CVID-Common Variable Immune Deficiency) can be easily diagnosed with a simple and low cost test and with recognised treatment there are good outcomes.”

Professor Etzioni is currently the Director, Paediatric Immunology, Rambam Children’s Hospital, Israel and is President of the European Society for Immunodeficiencies (ESID). He has previously worked all over the world, including Harvard School of Public Health and his research into the field of PID is well known to patients and medical staff alike.

The PID awareness event will take place on Monday 4th February, 6pm-9 pm at the Hennessey Suite at Sandwell Hospital. Patients, carers and GPs are particularly encouraged to attend and should register their interest with Ann Groutage at or by calling 0121 507 4250 or 0121 5075157 no later than 1st February.

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