Hospital Trust in appeal for knitted boobs to help train breastfeeding support Volunteers

26th Jan 2018

A West Midlands hospital trust is appealing for knitters to get creative by making breasts which will be used to help train up breastfeeding support Volunteers. 

The infant feeding team from Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust has appealed for the knitted breasts as well as newborn size baby dolls with soft bodies.

They will be used to demonstrate the various ways of breastfeeding to the volunteers who will be on an eight week course learning how to support new mums.

Louise Thompson, Infant feeding co-ordinator, said: “We will be increasing the amount of support that new mums have after they have just given birth at our hospital. We are doing this by carrying out an eight week training course which will ensure they will learn all the basics of breastfeeding and peer support.

“We know that breastfeeding is the healthiest way to feed your baby but eight out of 10 mums stop doing this before they want to. However, by carrying out this training, it means we will be able to give further help to mums on postnatal wards, so they can continue breastfeeding for as long as they want to. The role will also support our midwives.”
Louise added: “We will also give information on safe responsive bottle feeding for women who have made an informed decision to feed this way.”

The maternity department is housed at City Hospital, along with the midwifery-led birthing unit Serenity.
Louise added: “The course will run for eight weeks and we already have quite a few volunteers who want to take part. Other areas we will cover is how to spot signs of effective feeding, and helping a mum to feel confident and know where to get support if they encounter difficulties.

“We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to complete the training and who can commit to volunteering a few hours a week. Breastfeeding experience is desirable but not essential.”

If you would like to knit breasts for the team contact Louise on 0121 507 5328 or to become a breastfeeding support volunteer call the Volunteers Service on 0121 5074855.

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