Dad captures priceless moments baby entered the world

20th Jul 2015

There are many precious moments in our life that we wish to capture, and yet, many of us find it hard to capture those moments perfectly. But a father in Sutton Coldfield, whose profession is in design, filmed the journey that he and his partner went through to bring their first child into the world.

In 2013, Elizabeth Foley and Andrew Skinner welcomed their first child, Jonny, to life at City Hospital, Birmingham. To cherish this special moment, Andrew filmed the whole journey from when Elizabeth went to the hospital for her labour, right through to the birth.

The video lasts for four minutes and perfectly captures the whole two day journey.

Elizabeth chose to have a water birth to deliver her baby boy. With the help from midwives at City hospital, the couple had a brilliant experience. Andrew explained:

“At first, we were going to stay at our local hospital. However, our midwife suggested we choose the Serenity Unit at City Hospital instead. We were so happy with our choice that we never looked back. The whole experience was incredible. Our midwives were very calm and reassuring. The room that we stayed in was amazing and we were lucky to have that room again for our second baby. We believe that Jonny, who is now two and a half years old, has such a jolly character because he was born in such a relaxing environment with the support from our midwives. We are really thankful for the care that they gave us.

“We just had our second baby girl two weeks ago at City Hospital. With the previous experience that we had, we were very confident with our choice and we were not let down. The staff were helpful, caring and welcoming. We could not thank them enough.”

Andrew continued: “Elizabeth always has a good word to say about City hospital when she speaks to her friends. She strongly recommends mums-to-be to choose the Serenity Unit.”

When asking how it feels to be a father, Andrew smiled and said: “I never thought I was ready to become a father and I needed more time. However, when Jonny came into our life and I got to take care of him, it was a wonderful feeling. When I have some rough days, hearing the words ‘Thank you, Daddy’ is worth more than anything in the world.”

Andrew is very appreciative of the care the family received from midwives at City Hospital, he said: “Thank you for taking such a good care of Elizabeth and me on both occasions. We are extremely grateful towards your support and we would like to let you know that you have made such a difference to our life.”

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