Clap for businesses that have supported Trust

15th Apr 2020

Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust has unveiled “thank you” banners recognising businesses in the area which have come to the aid of the organisation.

The signs were revealed at City Hospital, Birmingham, where staff gathered at 5pm on Wednesday 15 April to clap for businesses.

Despite many companies feeling the strain of lockdown, they still have come to the aid of the Trust, to help ensure supplies of consumables, equipment and food are still being provided.

Toby Lewis, Chief Executive, said: “At the time when our NHS has most needed it, local businesses have come forward to offer us help, even when they have been struggling with the impact of lockdown. Just as people come out every week to clap for our carers, today we want to show our appreciation for the fantastic support we have had from suppliers that enables us to care for patients and colleagues throughout this pandemic.”

The trust will continue to add names of other companies to the signs over the coming weeks.  This includes firms building special equipment on the organisation’s behalf.

Paul Faulkner, CEO of Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce. “This is a lovely display of thanks to all the many businesses who have stepped forward at this time to provide support for the patients and staff at the Trust. Of course, we all think that it is the staff working throughout the NHS, and in other critical care roles, who are the true heroes, but this certainly helps to highlight how business is also a force for good, and demonstrates the way people across our society and communities are pulling together at this difficult time.”

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