Active birth classes showcase midwife-led birth units

23rd Jan 2012

Things have moved on since the days of ‘Call the Midwife,’ the new hit BBC drama. New parents these days are encouraged to learn as much about pregnancy and birth as possible, meaning the whole process is no longer a mystery when labour starts.

Regular ‘active birth’ classes are now taking place every Saturday afternoon at Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals Trust’s midwife-led birth units, Serenity and Halcyon.

Newly appointed Team Leader of the Units, Helen Giles explained: “The class is open to anyone booked in for a low risk birth at Serenity or Halcyon, and includes midwife led tour of the units if there are rooms free.”

The classes, which run every Saturday from 2pm to 4pm are currently alternating between each of the units, but all can be booked by calling the Serenity Unit at City Hospital on 0121 507 5655.

The classes give a full guide into the different options for a low risk birth including water births, what to expect and the different birth positions advisable.

Encouraging prospective parents to get in touch Helen added: “These classes are invaluable in helping prepare parents for birth giving them lots of information to help them make the right choices for themselves.”

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