Regenerate the area

The health and wellbeing of people in Sandwell and West Birmingham is not just the concern of the NHS Trust; there are many organisations involved in improving opportunities for the local population.

The Midland Metropolitan University Hospital is one of many regeneration initiatives across Sandwell.  These are designed to reinvigorate services and infrastructure across the region, with a view to improving the economy and creating better opportunities for work, education, leisure and wellbeing.  The borough council and its regeneration partners have attracted substantial inward investment for several key developments.  These include comprehensive town centre redevelopment and a state-of-the-art further education college in West Bromwich, commercial development, along with many attractive residential developments.

The new hospital will be located in the heart of Smethwick, where several other regeneration initiatives are set to transform opportunities in the town.  These include Smethwick Learning Centre, a multi-million pound redevelopment of Holly Lodge High School, and redevelopment of the Windmill Eye neighbourhood.

For more information about regeneration initiatives across Sandwell, please visit Sandwell Council’s regeneration pages here.